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  1. Micky1979 I feel your pain. I have an HP laptop too. Beside Intel's WiFi, the only other WiFi that will work on the HP 610 is the Broadcom BCM4312. I tried adding it the plist file, but without any luck. Lion refuses to load the drivers for it.
  2. I have successfully installed and upgraded iAtkos S3 to 10.6.8 on a Haier Bauer www107 netbook. The configuration is as follows: - Atom N270 CPU - Intel GMA950 - Realtek RTL8187L but swapped to RTL8187B - Realtek Ethernet I have a problem with the Battery and with Realtek RTL8187L. If I use Realtek RTL8187L and I awake the netbook from sleep I can no longer use the touchpad and I have to hold down the power button to turn the netbook off. With the Realtek RTL8187B I don't have this issue. The drivers for the RTL8187L and RTL8187B were downloaded from Realtek website. They are for Snow and not for SL but they work fine in SL too. My second problem is with the battery. It works perfectly in Windows but not in Mac. If I use VoodooBattery.kext, the netbook goes to sleep as soon as it reaches the desktop. Also, I get kernel panics sometimes. The battery icon keeps changing even when the battery is fully charged and connected to the netbook. Sometimes it has a cross inside it to indicated that it is not connected. Sometimes it shows as if it is charging although it is fully charged. Other times it works and show that it is charged. For now I deleted the VoodooBattery.kext and I'm using the Realtek RTL8187B. Is it possible to fix these issues so to have a perfect hackintosh?
  3. I've read over a hundred of posts mainly in this forum and to be honest I'm getting nowhere. My laptop specs are on my signature. I used iAtkos L2 (10.7.2). The keyboard and touchpad work perfectly. The webcam and the USBs work too. The sound works but the volume is set to high even when I turn it down using the sound icon. Also the VoodooHDA preference panel is missing. I tired with VoodooHDA 2.6.2, 2.7.2, and 2.7.3. Aside from getting the kexts for the graphics cards to load, I'm not yet concerned about the other devices. I mean let's face it, there is no much point having a hackintosh if QE/CI don't work. I've tried every trick suggested to make my Intel x3100 (2A12) work and I failed. I tried a/ll of the following: 1. Not knowing that there are two types of Intel x3100, the 2A02 and the 2A12, I tried these kexts which I've tested on another laptop and they work well on the 2A02. http://www.osx86.net/view/1673-x3100_gma965_lion_10. Basically all the kexts in the above link are from Lion 10.7.0 except for 'AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext' which is from Snow Leopard 10.6.8. This didn't work with the HP 610. 2. I used an 'AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext' from Snow 10.5.8 that was patched to support 2A12. I found it in this forum. This kext loaded. The screen was much brighter than before but it was split into 12 sections. Each section represents an instance of a desktop. 3. I used the 2A12patcher. Mac didn't give me a kernel panic but It froze before reaching the desktop. Amongst the displayed text I noticed that Mac was complained about the fact that the AppleIntelFrameBuffer class was already loaded and thus it could not be loaded again from the AppleIntelFramBuffer.kext file. 4. After 3 days of reading about what other have done, I decided to patch the kexts, install them and see how it goes. I used the kext from Lion 10.7.0 as a starting point. I patched the info.plist files inside AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext and AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext. I also used a HEX editor and patched the binary files inside these kexts. Basically I replaced every instance of 2A02 with 2A12. Nothing happened when I installed these patched kexts. 5. After doing the above I went ahead and patched AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext for Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and install it. This time the screen was split into 4 with every section containing an instance of the desktop. Rebooting with the flag "GraphicsEnabler=No" fixed the split on the screen but I still do not have QE/CI. What else I can try to get the Intel X3100 (2A12) to work properly? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the link. The Acer 4315 also has an 2a02. I was able to get the GPU to work in Lion using this: http://www.osx86.net/view/1673-x3100_gma965_lion_10.
  5. I know that the Dell 1525 is not yours. You mentioned it somewhere else in the forum. I installed Lion successfully on an Acer AS 4315. It is equipped with the Intel x3100 (0x2a02). The kexts for this GPU were downloaded from the OSX86.net. All the kexts were from Lion except for AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext which came from Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I'm trying to repeat this success on an HP/Compaq 610 which uses an Intel x3100 (0x2a12), but I can't find a way yet to get the kexts to load even with arch=i386.
  6. Did you get the x3100 to work in your Dell 1520 laptop. I'm trying to get the drivers for it to load in Lion and can't. I've tried with the AppleIntelGMA3100.kext from Snow Leopard with the flag arch=i386, and arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=No and it still doesn't work. I don't have QE/CI and had to force the 1366x768 resolution by changing the Boot.plist file.
  7. Thanks. I'll give it a go when I have a bit of time. Accessing the WiFi requires taking the whole netbook apart. Best
  8. What Kext did you use for the AR5B91? or did you rebranded it? I'm interested to know as I have one here in front of me.
  9. Which post says that the AR5BXB63 doesn't work? I might have missed 1 or 2 posts in this thread but I've read all the others. Also why didn't say that earlier?
  10. I think that I'm the first one in this thread that will say the Atheros AR5007EG doesn't work in Mac OS X 10.6.x even after rebranding. I've spent the last couple of days trying the to get the AR5007EG to work. I tried it with and without rebranding. I tied with the original and modified kexts and nothing works. I use two different cards, and I followed both the 1st and 2nd posts in this thread. The 1st card is : AR5007EG / AR5BXB63 (subsystem: AMBIT MicroSystem) The 2nd card is : AR5007EG / AR5BXB63 (subsystem: Azurewave) ---------- | ------------- | ---------------- 1st card | original val | modified val ---------- | ------------- | ---------------- Class Id | 0200 ------ | 0280 SubDev | 0428 ------ | 004e SubVen | 1468 ------ | 106b Dev id --| 001c ------ | 001c ----------- | ------------- | ---------------- 2nd card | original val | modified val ----------- | ------------- | ---------------- Class Id -| 0200 ------ | 0280 SubDev -| 1026 ------ | 058a SubVen -| 1a3b ------ | 1014 Dev id ---| 001c ------ | 001c ----------- | ------------- | ---------------- 2nd card | original val | modified val ----------- | ------------- | ---------------- Class Id -| 0200 ------ | 0280 SubDev -| 1026 ------ | 058a SubVen -| 1a3b ------ | 1014 Dev id ---| 001c ------ | 1014 The 1st card with the above settings gives a kernel panic after reboot. This happens because Mac OS tries to upload thinks it is a Broadcom card and thus tries to upload the Broadcom kext for it. Also the card would no longer work in Windows 7 which is not anymore identifying it properly and thus complains about not having the right drivers for it. The only OS where the card is usable is Ubuntu. The 2nd card without changing the Dev ID doesn't give kernel panics, but it doesn't work either under Mac OS or under Windows 7. The card still work under Ubuntu. The 2nd card with changing the Dev ID to 1014 doesn't give kernel panics, but it doesn't work either under Mac OS or Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I undid the changes to both cards. While the 1st card is working again in Windows 7, Windows 7 is still enable to identify the 2nd card correctly. The 2nd no longer works under Ubuntu too. While the correct ClassID, SubVenID, SubDevID, and DevID are displayed correctly under both operating systems, the AsuzeWave card no longer works. And no I didn't mess up. I copied all the text displayed when running [ath_info -d 0xfebf0000] before making any changes and save it in a text document. I compared it to the text displayed after removing the changes and it's a perfect match. All the hex values are the same.
  11. There was a typo mistake in my last post. I type 0 instead of C. The correct info are: Network Controller [0280] Network Adapter [1680:001c] [168c:001c] Sybsystem: Apple Computer Inc [106b:004e] I only changed the Class ID, and the subven and subdev.
  12. I followed the above tutorial on an Atheros AR5007EG / AR5BXB63. I managed to change the Class_ID, SubVen_ID, and the SubDev_ID. After reboot and running (sudo lspci -vvnn) my card is detected by Ubuntu as: Network Controller [0280] Network Adapter [1680:001c] [168c:001c] Sybsystem: Apple Computer Inc [106b:004e] The wifi works perfectly under Ubuntu but It's not working anymore in Win7. Also Snow Leopard is still not detecting it. What further steps I should do to get it to work in SL and work again in Windows. Thanks. Edit: I forget to add that I had to delete IO80211Family.kext as it was given me kernel panics and double panics.
  13. The BIOS in this netbook is very basic. It doesn't have a setting for 'sleep mode' nor a setting to disable/enable "USB Legacy Support". Any other suggestions? p.s. On another laptop installing voodoops2 kext fixed the sleep issue but that didn't work with the advent.
  14. Your hardware is similar to the Acer Aspire 4315. Wireless and Ethernet aside you should be able to install Lion. I used iATKOS L2 on the Acer. Do not select any VGA drivers during the installation. Then go to http://www.osx86.net/ and download and install the Lion Kext for the Intel x3100 (GL960). You might have to use the flags: GraphicsEnabler=No "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" to get the proper resolution.
  15. I installed Kalyway on a netbook with a Via C7 CPU and an S3 GPU. The installatrion progressed without any hiccups. I restarted the netbook with the -v flag. The netbooks hungs on the screenshot shown below. I left the netbook ohn for an hour and I still couldn't get to the desktop. I tried to boot in safe mode and the result was the same as below.