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  1. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    I just wanted to post my success with getting 10.7.2 running on my Dell XPS 410. Before I start, I want to say that I have a few different components than what came originally on the xps: My video card is a Nvidia 9600GT 512mb which I got running with NVEnabler.kext (attached below) My onboard ethernet NIC is DEAD. I am using a Netgear GA311 (realtek 8169 chipset) Since this has been a very long, confusing process, I'm just going to attach the extra folder including the DSDT that I use minus the NVenabler since not everyone will need that. I used a 10.7.2 retail file with ######. SATA is on AUTO-DETECT and remains that way. I recommend just having one hard drive (your target install HD) installed and no other drives installed for the initial install. I also recommend unplugging any USB device other than mouse/keyboard/###### jump drive. And lastly, I recommend removing ALL PCI cards other than what is required (for me is only my ethernet card). I stress the importance of this as it was the only thing preventing me from working ethernet (and of course the last troubleshooting step I had made with SEVERAL attempts before it). My only problems right now are that: I have to boot from the USB drive still since my hard drive has a 4k sector size (a known issue). I'll attempt to fix this when I care/am bored. I was having issues connecting to app store and icloud, but managed to fix it with this guide: XPS 410 DSDT and Kexts.zip NVEnabler 64.kext.zip
  2. Using a dell xps 410 and unbeast with USB flash drive and lion to boot I cannot see my hard drive in the disk utility of the installer. I've tried switching to different sata ports as well as the rain on and auto-detect options in bios. Can someone help?