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  3. Hey my friends. I've transformed the disk partition from mbr to gpt without loss of data with aomei partition assistant. And it's sucsessful, every program define gpt in there. But I'm stucked on disk utility. In other words, it gives "mediakit reports not enough space on device for requested operation". I have to ntfs partition, and tried to erase the second with DU. but I need the first ntfs partition for my data. So, is there a way to install on the second ntfs, or I should erase the whole disk.? Thanks in advance)
  4. Alex Auditore

    Bootdisk Utility

    After I updated Windows 8.1 BDU_v2_184b stopped to work
  5. Alex Auditore

    Windows 10 - Discussion

    in a word, it become even better and start menu is getting back
  6. Alex Auditore

    [Guide] Acer Aspire 8942G, Mavericks.

    Kexts and Clover's config for yosemite Yosemite8942g.zip
  7. Alex Auditore

    XPC General discussion

    Hi guys. After one year without mac I come back to it. To the yosemite. And I want to share great news that new version of xpc with support of yusemite will come out within two week. I look forward to this moment.
  8. After an one year gap in my life without mac I come back to hackintosh, the driver 1.0.3 work fine with yosemite too. My card BCM57780
  9. Alex Auditore

    Kext patches by Bootloader

    I also join to you guys. Having a kext, which would do patches on the fly, would be fantastic idea!
  10. Hello. On the first disk I have Windows 8.1. On the second disk and second partision I have an OSX. I tried to make it with EasyBCD but it didn't help me. Becuase it can only supply with a title for a new entry and choose something between mbr and efi. Can I have Easybcd pointed at the patch of bootloaders files? I also find a tutorial http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/15115-loading-mac-os-using-windows-bootloader/ As far as I understand it doesn't work without grub4dos, if that's the case, I don't like it. So it is posible to conect Windows 8.1-bootloader to the boot file of Clover or Chameleon directly? If yes, what command should I use in command line? I know it should look like this ... bcdedit /set {хххххххх-хххх-хххх-хххх-хххххххххххх} device partition=D: (it seems to be as a disk, not a partition) bcdedit /set {хххххххх-хххх-хххх-хххх-хххххххххххх} osdevice partition=D: ... But what about second partition? PS OSX was installed on mbr-disk.
  11. Alex Auditore

    Need help with Mobility 4530: ati.c mod, FB patch(maybe dsdt)

    Yep, but I recommend doing experiments with Clover installed on usb stick just in case of fail. I should edit graphics parts something like that http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291276-help-ati-mobility-radeon-hd-4570-doesnt-work/?p=1942221 Be careful, some keys might be renamed at new versions of clover, So you should considered it. By default, installation of clover creates full config.plist, you must edit it and, perhaps, shorten it too.
  12. Alex Auditore

    What antivirus do you use on your Windows?

    After using Avast and Nod32 I had done full-scan with Kaspersky. It found nothing, zero of viruses. it personally seems to me that it was easier to catch a virus earlier in 2000-2010. But I managed to catch one virus on the fly with kaspersky when I was finding a book in garbage sites. If you always visit the same sites, you have nothing to concern about security most likely. You have more chances to catch a flue rather then computer viruses. But if doesn't mean that you have to refuse it.
  13. Alex Auditore

    Need help with Mobility 4530: ati.c mod, FB patch(maybe dsdt)

    Your connector info seems correct. If you have wrong patch you'll catch a black/green/red screen. But as I understand you see grey top menu bar what testify to disabled graphics. Could you show your config of clover. Thus, It will be easier to helpers to point out the mistake. You may set up clover into usb stick to do some experiments.
  14. Alex Auditore

    Need help with Mobility 4530: ati.c mod, FB patch(maybe dsdt)

    I apologized for being out for a long time on this forum. The point is that I neglected using of mac because it stopped to be interesting for me. And some little bugs really pissed me off such as flickering of display when you have something stripy on your screen, hangs of office for mac when you're working with a document which have formulas, and even clover sometimes and randomly refused to load windows without any understandable reason and so forth. In a word, I was tired of hesitating between two systems. Windows 8.1 render everything of what I want to. After all, it makes me confused helping other people without having a real system. I don't see development of mac and knowledge may start to forget. And now I don't have so much free time as it used to be. But maybe I'll be back to mac soon. Let's discuss your problem. You must. 1) patch your framebuffer. 2) add your dev-id to the plist of 4600 kext. Have you done it? 3) Inject it by bootloader. By the by, did you tried it with clover? Because you may need dual-link=0.
  15. So, as I understand it's impossible to get top menu bar transparent with any virtual machine, right?