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    Java 1.6 32 Bit in SnowLeopard

    I've Installed The latest version on Snow Leopard And Yes there is a 32 bit version of java 1.6 Cool. Wish That apple Will offer this Update to the Leopard Users.
  2. Is the 32 bit version available on SnowLeopard or it is restricted to 64 Bit only ?
  3. imrabti

    Java 1.6 32 Bit in SnowLeopard

    So No 32 Bit version of 1.6 in Snow Leopard, It's`like Leopard just the 1.5 version.
  4. imrabti

    Unbuntu On External Hard Drive

    Hello, The Internal Hard Drive of my MacBook Pro Contain OS X Leopard and Windows XP (BootCamp), and I want to Install on My External Drive Ubuntu 8.10, Is It Possible ?, and please tell me How to do It ?
  5. Hello, I've a Mac Book Pro CD 2.16 GZ With 2GB of RAM and I want to upgrade It to 3GB, Will My MAC Support It ?
  6. Hello I've Downloaded "Mac OS X 10.4.8[JaS AMD-Intel SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso" from PirateBay, and burn it with Nero at 2x, but it didn't boot on my computer. Please Help !!
  7. There is a rumor about OS X 10.6 that say it will be a clean 64 bit OS, is this mean that all people who Have first generation of Intel MAC would not be able to upgrade to 10.6 ?
  8. imrabti

    MAC OS X 10.6 Full 64 bit

    Yeah!! they are just 2 years Old. It's stupid to leave them right now.
  9. Please, I search the wallpaper in this screenshot.
  10. imrabti

    Need this wallpaper

    Thank you very much, I want a widescreen (MacBook Pro)
  11. I wana add 1GO RAM to my MBP that have this specification : Kingston - RAM- 1 Go - SO DIMM 200 Ref KTH-ZD8000B/1G DDR II - 667 MHz / PC2-5300 - CL5 - 1.8 V Is It compatible with My MBP Core Duo 2.16 GHZ
  12. They so Beautiful, Thanks a lots
  13. Hello, I Wanna get the latest updates for my leopard, and Software update crashes when getting the list of software to be updated, How can solve this problem ?
  14. imrabti

    Does Azureus crash OS X Leopard

    I was having a lot of Kernel Panic when using Azureus 3 on my MBP, But know I have the solution. The Solution is to use BitTyrant (Based on Azureus 2.5) instead of azureus it's works very well on Leopard, I leave it about 28 Hours and nothing happens.
  15. Hello, I've currently 2 partition one for Leopard and one for Vista and I want to create another new partition by resizing Leopard partition, So please can I do it without losing any data and how to do it ?
  16. imrabti

    Resize MAC OS Leopard Partition

    Thanks you, I use GUID and I successfully resized my OSX partition using Disk Utility
  17. imrabti

    How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Since I don't have a DL-DVD burner on my MacBook Pro i created a SL-DVD using your Method, this DVD boot fine but it stuck on Loading I leave it about 1 Hour and nothing Happen, Please tel Me how can I solve this problem, I absolutly need to Install a new System my tiger is not working well and my restore DVD are damaged.
  18. imrabti

    DVD-Drive Slow on Windows XP

    Hello my DVD-Drive is So Slow on Windows XP and also it make one Core of My CPU runs at 100% (Coping And Writing to CD or DVD is So Slow), I use BootCamp 1.4 and I've MAC OS X 10.4.10. Please Help!!!
  19. imrabti

    DVD-Drive Slow on Windows XP

    Yes One of my Channel IDE was using PIO instead of DMA, Thank you for your Help
  20. Hello, I finally finished downloading the SL DVD of Leopard, I just wana know what are the risks of the Arcive and Install Methode, since I don't have any restore disc of my MacBook Pro and any Extern Hard Drive. Please tell Me all Kind of Crash that can Happen (If there are Any)
  21. I want to install Leopard on my MacBook Pro and I've already a Partition of Windows XP, Will it work after Installing Leopard ?
  22. imrabti

    Leopard on Single DVD

    Since I don't Have a DVD-DL Burner on my MacBook Pro, are there a Single DVD version of Leopard. And please tell Me Were to Get It.
  23. Hello my MAC doesn't have a Dl-DVD Burner but my Toshiba laptop have it, can I burn the Dmg of Leopard Using My Toshiba
  24. imrabti

    Burn Leopard On Windows

    And it is bootable on my MacBook Pro ?
  25. And what about Ipod Nano Second generation, Is there a anything that can update him?