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  1. Destructive Kryptonnite

    AMD Radeon R7 250X works!

    Wonderful Wonderful - I now have AMD Radeon R7 240 (4GB DDR3) running on OSX 10.12.6
  2. Destructive Kryptonnite


    Why oh Why oh Why do people always expect other to try the things they can't be ass to do themselves? We are all on this site to learn - therefore we are to ((ALL)) to try things out for ourselves, its all part of the fun in doing what were doing. Now do what you can, hare what you have learn and that way everybody will get further much faster - I am now going to try this for myself, if i have ad good luck, or bad luck i shell return with what has be discovered.
  3. Destructive Kryptonnite

    10.9 Mavericks Simple Vanilla Hackintosh Install Guide

    I see this post is a few months old by now, and would have hoped that some kind person would have helped you by now. check out this page and use this installer on your system. myHack Guide | myHack
  4. Destructive Kryptonnite

    Quartz Extreme capable video card

    Hey Mushishi, guess what, we could argue that the whole OSX is unsupported seeming that it was never intended to be installed on a PC. So if you have nothing helpful to say then keep you dam comments to yourself instead of try to be a know it all and making other feel small. We are all learning; and “if we don’t ask we don’t get” besides manufacturers / creators and who ever else can not make everything and fix everything unless they know where the demand/needs/and problems lay so I would encourage more people to ask more questions.
  5. Destructive Kryptonnite

    GMA 4500M Working in Lion and ML

    Here I can partly reply to my own post since AppleIntelGMA4500FB2A42x64.kext has very kindly resolved the issues with screen resolutions. ​Still I would be very much pleased and grateful if someone was kind nought to help with the acceleration / Quarter Extreme Capabilities. I thank you all in advance to any help that you may be able to offer.
  6. Destructive Kryptonnite

    GMA 4500M Working in Lion and ML

    Hello, I am presently running the iAtkos ML2 project version of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with the 10.8.3 Combo update on an Toshiba Satellite L350-170 Laptop. I have Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 4500M, this is kind of incomplete since there is no way of changing the resolutions. I am also unable to install certain programs ie Logic Pro 9 simple because the GMA 4500M is showing as having o Ram; and no Quarter Extreme Capabilities. Would be very much grateful if anyone knows a solution - And I thank you all in advance to any help that you may be able to offer.