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  1. Most addictive Mac games

    Anything in the Civ series. Tropico's another one that's really good for stretching what you think is going to be a few minutes out into a few hours. But, it's not very deep, so fortunately you get tired of it before it can get a lasting hold on your brain. I keep a PC for games, and I don't want to say how many hours I've lost in "Elder Scrolls: Morrowind" this year.
  2. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    OK, I've got one to report. Actually, it's pretty well documented: Neverwinter Nights. There are several threads devoted to it on the Bioware forums, here's a link to the one in particular which worked for me: http://nwn.bioware.com/forums/viewtopic.ht...rum=71&sp=0 and here's the procedure: Move the NWN install from PC to Mac. Most instructions specify a freshly-installed, unplayed version, but the previously played install worked for me. Download the NWN Tech Demo. (macgamefiles.com) Download all three 1.68 patches. (1 patch for the original, 1 patch for each of the expansions you have. This makes three because this specifically applies to the Platinum edition, this worked for me using the Gold edition.) Apply all (up to) three patches. To do this correctly, download the patches, unpack them, and read the instructions in the RTF file that comes with them. Very important: delete the nwn.ini file in your Mac directory. Open the Neverwinter Tech Demo DMG file. From there, copy the contents of the "miles" directory (two level deep from the to top level) into the "miles" directory in your NWN directory. Copy the "Bink Carbon Library" to the top level of your NWN directory. Double click on Neverwinter Nights to run the game. I had no sound at first, this was due to the sampling rate being set at 96 kHz (Utilities-AudioMIDI Setup, set to 44.1). I hacked at "Stubbs the Zombie", and I think I've gotten it to run, but it won't validate the CD. If I could find a no-CD patch, I could confirm this (and it would probably save on editing all the .plist files I had to).