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  1. bidero

    OpenCore Discussion

    0.5.2 up and running on Z97X UD5H BK with 4790K and RX580! There is one small problem though. I can boot my Macintosh HD, Recovery and Windows without any problems. But when I want to boot to safe mode, the only thing I get in the 2nd boot phase is black screen (single user mode is working fine). Any ideas what could be the reason? Is there any chance to get Discord invitation?
  2. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    Guys, I'm still having problems with boot chime I can only select AMD HDMI and Intel HDMI without freeze. Whenever I want to change my audio output to ALC1150 (any output), whole GUI freezes and no value is written to NVRAM. Since newer Clover revisions use different way of saving NVRAM value, BootChimeCfg is no longer working also. Tested on 4870, 4871 and 4876.
  3. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks. That's exactly what I was trying to explain
  4. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    @SliceEven though I have never posted here, I'm visiting InsanelyMac daily since 2011. I really appreciate your contribution (I think we all do) and I know that without you and all you guys here, there would be no hackintosh community. However I'm really trying to understand such approach. Hopefully someday the issue will be resolved
  5. bidero

    Clover Themes

    Hey guys. Here goes one simple BootCamp theme from me. I was pixel peeping with my mac and tried make all the elements as close as possible to the original - therefore no badges Tools menu below the main menu. Test it please Screenshots taken at 2560x1440. bcc.zip
  6. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    Yeah, I love this sound but after so many reboots I think I will have enough of it Could you do a little test and set timeout to 0 in config.plist and let clover skip GUI?
  7. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    @Slice Still the same. When booting directly, without timeout, the sound is playing (90% of it - it's cut at the end) and keeps looping until the 2nd stage. It also happens when I confirm boot selection quickly while the sound is playing. It looks like booting boot.efi, when the sound is still playing is locking audio buffer somehow. Take a look on these videos below please.
  8. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    Here it is. But like I said, when entering Clover GUI, the sound plays perfectly. It only loops (and a bit at the end is cut off) when the GUI is not invoked. preboot.log
  9. bidero

    Clover General discussion

    Unfortunately not. I'm not using BootChimeDxe. With BootChimeDxe the sound is played exactly the moment the apple logo appears and it's working OK. When using PlayAsync + AudioDxe only, the sound is played much earlier (much closer to the real mac) and continues to GUI, or starts looping when timeout is set to 0.
  10. bidero

    High Sierra Random Freezes

    I also had random freezes and reboots since update from Sierra (mostly freezes without reboots), but the issue is long gone. In my case, the last position before the log was different - something with screen mirroring. I know it may sound weird, but it's probably memory XMP profile. Try to set XMP Profile 1, but change memory multiplier one notch down. In my case it was 24 - 2400MHz. After changing to 22, the issue is completely gone and also there is no degradation in system performance. Just give it a try. Rgds,