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  1. Installation was very successful. I put TSsync.kext into the installation USB. --> installation proceeded with graphics acceleration. Now I haver to get sound, and speedstep. It's time to work on DSDT. Do you have any DSDT source for AD1984 sound chipset or patched AppleHDA.kext? Thanks. my old R61 8918-A14 notebook was resurrected by ML !!!
  2. My goodness, Thank you LonelyTV, you were right. The processor was 64bit capable. the mountain lion instant reboot problem was BIOS setting. Judgus // please confirm memory execute protection was enable in CMOS after setting this, i was available to boot into installation screen with only npci=0x2000 (without arch=i386) Thank you after installation done , I'll post another comment.
  3. Thank you, I'll try and post here later.
  4. No, I didn't, I'll try later, thanks i386 doesn't works in the regular version of ML but, only in Developer preview version(beta) 1, from DP2, the removed 32bit kernel extension support. If it works with CPUS=1, then after installation, I have to rollback AppleACPIplaftform and, then might be boot without cpus=1 flag. Is it right?
  5. I think the rebooting problem is caused by the CPU. I have thinkpad with T7250 CPU with NVS 140m graphics, I coudn't install ML on my TP because of rebooting problem/. I'm not so sure, and don't knows that following is exact information but, T7250 CPU dosen't support 64bit boot mode or something like that. I want to know is there anybody had successful installation of ML on computers with T7250 CPU. (although, Installation with ML developer preview 1, with arch=i386 boot flag, installation was available. on TP R61, nvs Quadro 140m was with QE/CI with VBIOS + graphicsenabler + above TSSync.kext. ML DP1 is the last ML that supports bootflag arch=i386 ) Jugdus // please let me know if you succeed ML GM or 10.8.1 or 10.8.2 installation. Thank you.