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  1. Hi Mahesh, and everybody. Wondering if anyone has attempted to upgrade to 10.7.3? Would this be unadvisable at this point?
  2. I just picked up a Tenda W311M WIFI adapter since a few people reported success with it, but it is not working for me. Any suggestions?
  3. Try disconnecting all USB devices, sd cards, etc. Mine hung when I had a USB pen drive in. Although, it seems if you are booting from DVD iAtkos L2 you shouldn't need any boot options. In my install I just let the countdown expire and it booted fine. I also remember that it hung when I had my iPhone in...
  4. Very strange. Here are the steps I tried: Removed all custom kext's Removed AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext Deleted cache Deleted DSDT.aml (jon lachonis one) Reboot Reinstall Kext's Clear Cache again Add your DSDT.aml from the original package (not the one you patched for me) And 1600x900 resolution comes back flawlessy But if I repeat the steps and substitute the DSDT you patched for me, the screen goes bonkers. One thing about my laptop that I noticed, it runs the intel graphics drivers in windows even though it has the nvidia chipset. Furthermore, I looked at a list comparing the different iterations of the l702x and it said mine had a 'hybrid' graphics system. Does this mean anything? Otherwise, it looks like I'm stuck just using the DSDT that you included initially.
  5. Hello Maresh! Thanks for this. Unfortunately, I get the distorted screen when I use the DSDT. Any ideas? The distortion goes away when I use the DSDT included in your kext pack, does that offer any clues?
  6. Hi. After some trial and error, I believe I have the vanilla DSDT for the i5. dsdt.zip
  7. Strange. I have deleted all instances of dsdt.dsl from windows, and it still seems to be generating an 8 core cpu reading. Do second gen I5's have 8 cores maybe? Regardless, here is one pulled from my windows after removing all appearances of DSDT.xxx DSDT.rar
  8. Great thanks! This is the raw DSDT.dsl, I did not attempt to compile or error fix it at all. I had some problems compiling it before, I wound up commenting some lines per your instructions. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Here are my specs Dell XPS 17 L702x X17L-3333ELS i5-2430M 2.4GHz processor 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 550M graphics with Optimus The audio seems to be working fine, so I'm guessing this is 100% compatible. I wasn't able to find any listing suggesting that there was a model with a different sound card. Also, the bus ratio for the process is 24 so I've adjusted that as well as the res in org.chameleon.boot.plist. DSDT.rar
  9. Having a bizarre issue after this. Lion will not boot, it just crashes and the laptop restarts again. I booted verboase and noticed it was crashing after loading appleHDA.kext. I went back into windows, deleted it, and was able to get back into lion again. I reinstalled AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext, appleHDA.kext, and now I have the same screen dsitortion as before. I am using a DSDT created using the process you advised, since I have an I5 version of the l702x. Thanks for your replies thus far, it's really appreciated. I'm hoping you can help me move forward once again. FOLLOWUP: I put your DSDT and SSDT in and now everything is working fine. I'm a bit nervous though since your DSDT/SSDT aren't for my processor. Any advice other than "God No!" ?
  10. I'm getting a red 'band' in my video and it looks interlaced. I'm using the non-3d version of the laptop. Any ideas?
  11. Hello and thank you! I'm very close to being Hackintosh enabled thanks to your guide! I have the I5 processor in my l702x. How would I adapt this guide to my processor?