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  1. What's your typical idle CPU temp under typical room conditions of 22-24 C? Mine is 62-64 (running at 8x mult) which is somewhat hotter than should be as reported by topic caster. Maybe I should try using BIOS with lower 2D profile voltage... Atm, using modded l502x Bios BIOS version used: A12 this bios mod has been tested by TehCapi,francy.1095,Matrix5,guessyet and sign0ff. 2D PROFILE: 0.83v 3D PROFILE: 0.85v
  2. @DoiX -- how repairing disk permissions will help me with touchpad settings ?
  3. Doesn't anyone have problem with touchpad -- option 'ignore accidental trackpad input' doesn't work for me -- mouse pointer keeps on jumping around when the base of my thumb is even slightly touching the pad. The only option for me is to run this command when I want to switch off touchpad (till next reboot). kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins/ApplePS2Trackpad.kext
  4. Hello! What happened to mediafire folders? There are no files.
  5. Can anyone change brightness inside Display portion of System Preferences?
  6. Guys, does anyone experience jumpy movements of the USB mouse when laptop is under load, say loading YouTube videos or installing anything ? Touchpad mouse control works fine without delays, not pointer jumping. UPDATE: I figured the culprit: my usb mouse was connected to high speed USB port along with HSDPA wireless modem on a neighbouring high speed port. I switched mouse to a 3rd port -- no more mouse lagging!
  7. I have Dell XPS 502x with i7-2630QM. My Geekbench score on 64-bit tests is 7414 (http://browse.geekbe...ekbench2/573358) . I've installed AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement kext per your instructions but score stays around same level. Update: after delling NullCPU kext and correctly installing AppleIntelCPU kext my score is measuring depending on test conditions from 9400 to 9600. Thank you for your great efforts!