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  1. How would you go about mounting that? Drilling into the case? Glue? EDIT: I'm having hard time trying to find these things.. Any suggestions?
  2. topsub

    Powermac G5 Case mod

    thanks! Do you happen to have a part number? I am trying to find it on there site but they have a lot of products.
  3. Hey Guys, So i have talked to a CNC shop about working with me to help me make a mount system. I ordered an 8 inch wide x 14 inch piece that should spam from bottom to top just below the CD drive. I also ordered some plastic right angles that should mount the piece to the case. I am going to look at either cutting out 2x120mm or 2x140mm fan holes. I will take pictures once i get this in and make some templates. Looking for thoughts or feedback.
  4. topsub

    Powermac G5 Case mod

    Does that company have an online store to buy the power iec connector you have to your PSU?
  5. So i am thinking of buying my first imac. I have done some research but wanted feedback from people who done it. I would like to buy from apple the upgraded CPU and FX Card. Then when i get it put a 240 gig Corsair Force GT SSD and 16 gigs ( 4x4gb crucial ) ram. I saw i will need to buy 2x suction cups. Anything i need to know before buying all of this?
  6. I have one that has mountain mods tray in it mounted with a g5 case. Guess it depends how much you are looking to spend. We know shipping these cases aren't cheap. 2x Noctua 80MM fans in the back already mounted.
  7. topsub


    i wouldn't mind grapping another g5 case if one is around. Please let me know what shipping charges are to 28273. Thanks
  8. topsub

    Mounting Case Fans inside G5 Case

    any word on this?
  9. topsub

    Mounting Case Fans inside G5 Case

    well maybe 20 / 25 bucks USD?
  10. topsub

    Mounting Case Fans inside G5 Case

    keep me updated on the status
  11. Nice to know, I stripped my case yesterday but didn't pop off anything yet until i get the mobo tray in from mountain mods.
  12. topsub

    [Hire Me] Powermac G5 Modding Service

    Do you make any brackets for the G5 case?
  13. topsub

    ► PowerMac G5 case mod ◄

    Very nicely done, did you finish this?
  14. topsub

    Broken iMac 24" alu - Mod with new mobo?

    I would be interested if you can do that.