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  1. Ah, I just found myself that the Mininova one is using Demonoid as its tracker (should've figured that before.) Which means that's a no-go =(. TPB has only ~7 seeders and a helluvalotta leechers, so that indeed doesn't look like a good idea; either.
  2. A quick Google shows the ToH torrent on TPB, Mininova...as for whether it's the exact same dvd with the same hash, I can't say. But I'd expect so.
  3. le0p4rd

    I meant that the apparent difference implies that you're not speaking blasphemy. I'm not at all that skeptical, at this point, anymore. You misconstrued the post - I'm not attacking your claim anymore . Your attitude is always, from what I've seen, a bit rough...but hey, I can't quite poke holes in your claims at this point.
  4. le0p4rd

    For kicks, here's a picture of the outputs from the Terminal on 9a559. The difference is easily apparent.
  5. le0p4rd

    Someone with 9a559 installed, fire up Terminal and execute "sysctl -A". Post/Screenshot the first 4 values or so, and then we can compare them to those showing on the original post. After doing a bit of researching (since you refused to elaborate yourself), it appears those values, as indicated here, are apparently unchangeable: Name | Type | Changeable kern.ostype | string | no kern.osrelease | string | no kern.osrevision | integer | no kern.version | string | no Given that, I'm certainly more inclined to believe, but don't have anything to readily compare that with, besides Tiger. Edit: I'm gonna go ahead and restore my 9a559 dmg, for my own pleasure, to a partition and simply boot into the installer. I'd assume a simple check with the terminal there might be able to clue me in...
  6. le0p4rd

    This is the internet, where blind faith is stupid, which is why all us "dumbasses" would choose skepticism over simply indulging you in "OMG GIMMEEEEE" or something of that nature. You can't blame us, since just about anybody can change a couple of numbers in a pref file. If you shotted/posted the PDF of "Welcome to Leopard" or something, which we could then compare ourselves on Friday to what we see with the copies from Apple...that's all you'd need to have your proof that you were über awesome and able to get the build a measly few days before the rest of us.
  7. It's called screen corners. Turn them on, and you've got an all-mouse affair. Or, if you don't like that, invoke expose with f9, then use tab to switch to different windows; and when you've found the one you like, press spacebar. As for your calls for more crazy effects, you have a choice; don't stick with Apple if you want to be given the option to do everything to your heart's content. Go ahead and get your Compiz fusion on with any *nix distro; nobody is here to stop you. Few users I know complain that Expose is anything close to a {censored} in the manner that you've implied.
  8. Isn't "Magic Garageband" only something they've tacked on? It's still got the UI you're used to for "regular" folk.
  9. When will our betas expire?

    I don't know that there are currently identified time limits on these builds, to be honest. So for it to be "obvious", well, logically it might seem that way, but nobody appears to have shed light on the topic if it does have some limiter...
  10. Test drive iWork 08 now!

    Yes, apparently that is the case =).
  11. Test drive iWork 08 now!

    From what I'm hearing, the trial is the same; that is, fully-featured, as what you'd get if you bought the full version. Which, if true, represents quite a feat, given that iWork '08 is only in the realm of ~680MBs when installed - a far cry from the ~1.5GBs iWork '06 took up. Kudos to Apple for the shrinking of the suite, how ever it's done.
  12. its on the bay

    We might be {censored}s, but you're the one that chose to listen to us; har har har.
  13. Do girls like Mac users ?

    I know a lot of girls that like Macs; as for the users....bahahahaha, that's just as variable as any other portion of the male population that you want to single out - it depends on a lot more than that.