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  1. Hello, I'm about to buy a new notebook and I would like to know if there's a 'perfect ' one for osx (or at least something highly compatible). I'm looking for a 15 inches with i5/i7 and a medium level video card. An suggestion ? Is there a particular brand that is known to work well with osx ? Or a specified model would be even better Thanks in advance
  2. Ciao sono in procinto di acquistare un nuovo notebook e una delle mie priorità è avere OSX ( Ok potrei prende un Mac ma un notebook normale mi costa la metà... C'è crisi ) Vorrei sapere attualmente quale sono i portatili che danno meno problemi con 10.8.x, se esiste una marca meglio di un altra e quali componenti evitare ( ad esempio so che le schede video ati sono indigeste). Ancor meglio se mi potreste indicare un modello direttamente Le caratteristiche che cerco sono cpu i5/i7 monitor 15'' e una scheda video 'decente', diciamo medio livello.
  3. thanks for helping me guys. here's what I did so far: created the USB stick by formatting it then restoring the base system dmg, then mach__kernel text into the new usb + partitions folder + fakeSMC + NullPowerCPU + IOSPCUFamily.kext then used chameleon to install the smblist for macbook pro 6.2 (the pro with gt330m and i5) removed all graphics kext (tried also with) booted using a lot of flags combinations (f v x pcirootuid graphics enabler=no npci=0x2000/3000 busratio=18, not all at the same time ) tried with -v -x -f UseKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=No this is the result (same as usual) https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjifjknvq1h69qs/foto-1.JPG this is my extension folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/dlx3h3s9la4t18p/kext.jpg
  4. Tries also removing all video driver and nothing I have DSMOS HAS ARRIVED after the bootcache
  5. Tried already with the removing of intelHD and also ATI but with no luck
  6. Update: it still gives me the bootcachecontrol bur right after it says "DSMOS HAS ARRIVED"
  7. tried removing the 4 AppleIntelHD* kext but it is the same thing..stuck on the bootcachecontrol sometime when I boot i get over that bootcache error but right after I have the error with the hibernate windows (?!) as seen here https://www.dropbox.com/s/qjt3apgclscb2il/foto.JPG can i install ML on an external USB drive? (so inserting two usb while booting, one for the usb stick one with the destination hd)
  8. thanks, i tried (busratio=18 I have i5 520M) but I'm stuck at BootCacheControl: Unable to open /Var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory
  9. Here's the situation: i have an hard disk with two partition, in C: there's windows, and D: is formatted if i boot now I still have the BootCacheControl error but it's not stuck, it goes until the ntfs-fs error again but this time mentions a hibernate status of Windows (WTF?). Windows is not hibernated and i ran chkdsk but I still have this error. (see attach.) https://www.dropbox....scb2il/foto.JPG
  10. i've used a different HD and now im stuck at the boot cache BootCacheControl: Unable to open /Var/db/BootCache.playlist
  11. updates: i fixed the pci configuration error with a iosupcifamily kext but now im stuck in a stupid error, i think it's cause of the hard drive (there is windows 8 in it), should i format it before trying to install ML?
  12. Hello, im disperately trying to make ML run on my DAMN vaio (vpcf11m1e) specs are: cpu i5 520m 8gb ram nvidia gt330m i tried so far with chameleon but i got stuck on pci configuration error, tried a gigabillion of flags, and as SMBIOS i've set MAcbook Pro 6.2 (the macbook pro with similar specs, i5, gt330m..) any one could direct me to a working way, possibly with easy drive through? i'm new to this world.. thanks in advance and please help me i hate windows
  13. [Aiuto] Installazione Lion su Sony Vaio VPC-F115

    Ciao, hai mica risolto? ho un vaio simile al tuo (vpc f11m1e con i5 e GT330M) , sai di qualche distro funzionante (Lion/ML)?
  14. Hello, can anyone point me to the right direction in order to have ML installed on my laptop please? I have a sony vaio vpcf11m1e (chipset p55m, CPU i5 M520, geforce GT330M, 8gb ram). ive been struggling wit Lion couple of months ago, with no luck..so any advice with ML would be truly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    hello guys, anyone tried this out with Lion?