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  1. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I managed to install 10.6.7 onto my NV53 after lots of work. Now the problem I am encountering is poor battery life. When I was using Windows 7, I can squeeze about 2:30 hours on one single charge. Now with the SL installed, my battery is draining like crazy. Average 1% per 1min!!! Can anyone help??
  2. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I also saw from another site that someone actually managed to put 10.6.7 on their NV53. I am planning to tackle this tomorrow. Hopefully by following what you'd posted will help me through the setup. I have been a Windows guy for many many years and this is the first time I am in contact with Mac OS. So please bare with me if I ask any stupid questions. Thanks.
  3. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I am very very new to hackintosh. Been reading this forum for a few days now. I own a Gateway NV53 and also decided to dual boot Windows 7 and OS X. There are a few things I need to clarify before proceding. 1. How much HDD space does OS X take? My current HDD is 500G, is 250G enough? 2. How to get rid of the Gateway recovery partition without erasing my existing windows data? 3. I have down loaded the Empire EFI, do I just burn the .iso onto a disk and boot with it? I have also read from other sites about M u l t i B e a s t , how do I use that or do I have to use that at all? Thanks in advance.