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  1. [Aiuto] iAtkos S3 V2 su Samsung NC110

    ha fatto il lavoro senza fili quando è stato selezionato il kext Broadcom?
  2. **SUCCESS** Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P

    Nice, well I got to 10.6.7 because at 10.6.8 I got PCI ROOT problem or something and I heard that you needed to replace files from 10.6.7 toget it to work, so i just went to 10.6.7 and didnt bother trying to get any further
  3. Success using a fairly basic and fairly {censored}e computer to run mac. Specs;- GA-G41MT-S2P Intel Celeron D 351 (3.2GHz (OVERCLOCKED 3.6GHz)) Western Digital 20GB IDE HD WITH CONVERTER TO SATA ON BOARD SOUND ON BOARD GMA X4500 350W PSU Used iAtkos v7 and used Legacy kernal + the stuff that was already ticked, and it worked a treat. Have used the board on 10.6.3-10.6.7 too but i found it laggy with my cpu. QE/CI doesnt work although using osx86 tools i got QuartzGL. All usb good! Sleep! NO NETWORK USING ON BOARD ETHERNET. KEXT FOR IT ONLY WORKS ON 10.6/10.7 I GOT INTERNET WITH JAILBROKE IPOD AND PDANET Worked well, video played good but didnt have qe so it didnt do imovie so i got rid of it.
  4. Best Netbook for OSX

    The best netbook is a dell mini 9 or Dell 1011 They both use intel gma x950. They are also sadly not avaliabke to buy new, but people sell them on ebay, for cheaper than your budget and an even bigger plus is some people hack them first. A Dell 1012 WONT WORK WITH IMOVIE OR RUN VIDEO WELL. INTEL GMA X3150(WHAT IT USES) IS NOT SUPPORTED. Dell mini 10v is also great because EVERYTHING WORKS! It has a upgradable 1gb of ram and 160gb hard drive.