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  1. MacBook Pro - My Lucky Day !

    My GF is now the proud owner of my old Core Duo MB (which has just had an upgrade from it's original 80 GB HDD to a 250 GB HDD)
  2. MacBook Pro - My Lucky Day !

    I just thought I'd share my excitement with you all. I ordered a refurbished 17" MacBook Pro (2.4GHz C2D/2MB Ram/160GB 5400 RPM HDD/256MB graphics/1680x1050 res screen) I received a 17" MBP alright, but with a 2.6GHz C2D/4GB Ram/200GB 7200 RPM HDD/1920x1200 res screen (still 256MB graphics), I can't believe my luck, I'm so happy today I was planning to upgrade the RAM and HDD my self, but now I don't have to The only thing I'd wish I got was the matt screen, I have a glossy screen, but I'm more than happy to live with that I just had to share it with you guys. After looking at some BLog's it turns out I'm not the only person to have had this happen, good luck all.
  3. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Reinstalling XP will never be a problem as long as you have your motherboards and video cards drivers disks.
  4. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    How about one for the GA-945GCMX-S2
  5. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Thanks but I've already been there but that still tell me exactly how to do it, sorry.
  6. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Total NOOB question (I suppose) Once I've downloaded BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso how do I create a bootable CD using Toast? Or should I use a windows based program? Where do I insert (for need for a better word) the alcinject and NVinject for my hardware? Thanks in advance, Alan.
  7. Hi all, Is anybody successfully running Logic Studio of their hackintosh? Any issues? Also what is the most Tiger (or Leopard) compatible Firewire card for use with audio hardware? Thanks in advance, Alan. awh1@bigpond.com
  8. Safari 4 (5526.11.2)

    I've just installed it on my Hack running Tiger 10.4.11, it looks like it replaces 3.1.1. There is an uninstall package with Safari 4 just in case. I've had no problems and I'm using it right now
  9. Safari 4.0 Developer Preview Released

    I've installed Safari 4 onto my Hack running Tiger 10.4.11 and all is good
  10. Safari 4.0 Developer Preview Released

    So will this install on Tiger assuming I already have Version 3.1.1 (4525.18)?
  11. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Thanks for the input I was using an nvidia 7300GT but still the screen savers didn't work, well the default Flurry did. So will there be a new and slightly "improved" release anytime soon?
  12. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    I've had to return to XxX OSx86 10.4.11 as a few small things about Leopard weren't working. The only screen saver that worked was flurry, and when I loaded Toast 8 (my own legit copy), once clicked on to open the program wouldn't start, any fixes or help is appreciated. Otherwise this version of Leo looked to be working great on my hack, great work and thank you for the hard work you've put into this release.
  13. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Rev2

    HELP!!! After mixed results with a Leopard install I've decided to re-install the 10.4.11, the problem is I can't remember for the life of me (after many attempts) which kext, kernel and EFI to select, help is appreciated My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 (for this I select ICH7, RLT8110, ALC888 and GMA950) and my processor is an Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo. Thanks in advance.
  14. New Mac Pros Announced on Jan 8 2008

    Like most I'd love to see a mid priced tower/desktop, I'd love a Mac Pro but they're an overkill for my humble needs. I like the idea of being able to upgrade video cards and hard drives easily. I've finally got myself a "real" Mac (MacBook) which I'm enjoying, I'm still using my hack as well but I got sick of worrying about updates and should I install them. My hack is in a Mac Pro case so I can add and remove parts as I need to.
  15. install updates via software update

    Good question, anybody tried this security update?