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  1. tri boot question

    will im using the chameleon v 2.1SVN v1902
  2. tri boot question

    i got two hard drives drive 1) is my primary windows 7 drive two is my Mac OS im soon gona install windows 8. Should i upgrade windows 7????
  3. dual boot question(FIX)

    sweet that worked thnx!!!!!
  4. dual boot question(FIX)

    so i tested it out. i changed HD Priority from the Lion to win (note: chameleon is installed on the Mac Hard drive) and tried sleep mode and it work!!!. so i guess its chameleon with the problem any way to fix this?
  5. dual boot question(FIX)

    O I see so its more of the OS prob
  6. dual boot question(FIX)

    i have win7 and lion on separate drives but my question is i cant put my win7 into sleep mode after i installed new OS of both lion and win7 see post #7 for the fix
  7. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    I decide to format my Hard drive and didn't select nothing from the boot loader customize reinstalled the OS and then did the adove info and it finally read my card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn't even change the smbios!! so thnx for the help eep357 i extracted the kext from nivida install and used kext wizard to install the kext then i repair permissions and rebuild cache and thats all i did. I used pacifist to extract
  8. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    Where's that file and what do i edit
  9. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    so i managed to change to mac pro 5,1 and mac4,1 and i both get a a message when trying to reboot i think its a panic then i run on -x -v and boots normal and the system info does read my card
  10. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    update 2 i tired the frist two and nothing ;(. how would i do the last one??
  11. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    Okay I'll try that once I get off work
  12. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh9zfwruzfhiho1/Screen%20Shot%202012-07-11%20at%205.14.20%20AM.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/pk0xbn4dsfuav0n/Screen%20Shot%202012-07-11%20at%205.13.42%20AM.png
  13. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    here you go http://dl.dropbox.com/u/90680336/kextstat.txt
  14. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    any1 other way?
  15. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    still not working