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  1. Thank you for your help. I installed voodootscsync and everything was working as it should straight away. I've since managed to get a fairly good install working.
  2. I'm having a bit of an issue with putting Lion on my T61. It's a very basic model, with X3100 graphics and a T7100 CPU. It's a 14.1" widescreen model, resolution of 1280x800. That just about covers the basics. The problem I'm facing is that upon a clean install (I've tried many - ######, Conti's, Maldon's), everything appears to run OK but I get a lot of application freezes/crashes. This happens even when almost no drivers/kexts are installed besides the bare minimum to get running. I saw another post about freezing graphics on the X3100 but I don't think my problem is the same. Whenever I open any windows (Finder, Safari, TextEditor), sometimes it'll open fine. Other times, maybe the window will open about 1/4 of the size and it will be transparent. You can sometimes still click and select things on the window. Most of the time though, the application will freeze. I'll then have to press cmd-alt-esc to allow me to force quit it. Sometimes windows will just randomly freeze (with the spinning cursor wheel showing). Relaunching enough times will let me do what I want. However, it's hardly an ideal situation. For what it's worth, I've managed to get the X3100 running at the correct resolution, and I think that QE/CI is running since I can open up chess and move pieces about. I've also followed Silencer's guide to DSDT editing and managed to implement most mods besides vanilla speedstep (which I tried but doesn't appear to work for me). I don't think it's a hardware failure since everything runs OK in Windows. Any help would be appreciated.