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  1. Gparted fuxored my ability to boot Windows!

    - This information absolutely saved me! I used Gparted to increase the size of my Bootcamp (Windows 732bit SP1) partition on a Macbook Air 2011 running Lion. Atfer resizing it, I couldn't boot into windows, and EVERY type of recovery disk I tried simply didn't work. I read at least 10 articles online all of which said "pop in the recovery disk, repair, and it will work!" Unfortunately, the error I was getting was: "This version of System Recovery options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair" No matter what, I kept getting that error. Even worse, I downloaded Recovery Disks, OEM WIN7 ISOs for 32 & 64 bit...burned each one to USB 1 by 1 (have to use USB, cd-rom didn't work for some reason with Lion and Macbook Air) and still nothing worked. The error I was getting when I tried to boot up Windows was: No bootable device -- insert book disk and press any key Finally I stumbled upon this article, but only AFTER my friend (who knows Mac OS much better than I) tipped me off that Lion was detecting the partition as GPT not MBR. So... if you try to resize your windows 7 partition on your macbook air SSD and run into the same nightmare I did ...try this: Download ReFit on your mac Install in Reboot and a ReFIT menu should pop up before you enter the Max OS Select the "partition tool" or something like that.... It should detect that your Bootcamp partition is incorrectly marked as GPT, it will ask you to confirm changing this to MBR, press y Reboot again ReFit again Run the tool again Reboot again, but this time have your windows recovery disc and/or installation disk inserted already Click "Repair the install" It will immediately rpair the problem... and now you can boot into Windows. Whew.