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  1. NO GO! When loading from the usb drive on first boot it loads the apple silver logo screen and after a few minutes it comes up with a 0 and a slash through it and will act like it's loading forever. So I cannot get into the setup screen. I will try 10.7.1 in the BOX folder instead and see where I get. UPDATE: No go again. Trying in verbose mode to see if I can find out what is hanging it. UPDATE 2: Verbose mode keeps repeating "Still waiting for root device" UPDATE 3: So after hours of messing with it I finally figured it out. I re-downloaded lion from the app store to have the .app file and finally figured out that when you do that it re-downloads the newest 10.7.2. So I went back in my files and found my original 10.7.0 and all is well. Updated to 10.7.1 after the install and everything is good now. 10.7.2 is next but worried about trying that at this point until more info comes.
  2. I have been reading this forum about getting 10.7.2 installed but most of what I have read has to do with updating from stable 10.7.1. I have been running 10.7.0 since LION came out but I need to reinstall since I have switched some hard drives around and got a new one. My question is can I reinstall with 10.7.2 COMBO UPDATE in the lionize BOX folder? If so are the steps the same or is there more to it? I don't have another partition running osx to run the vsbutil command. How should I go about this or should I just run 10.7.1 for now? THANKS! My System: P6T V2, GTX 260, I7 920