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    DVD Player Plugin for Apple TV

    Hi there, I don't know why someone hasn't made a DVD player plugin for Apple TV like Front Row. I'm running Apple TV on my Mac mini and it's a total pain to have to quit it and start DVD player every time I want to. Can somebody PLEASE makea plugin. -Andrew
  2. Andrew Wilkinson

    ATV Files Buffering Issues on AFP

    Can you explain how this works? The default command. Lets say I want to change the default root directory, what command would I use?
  3. Andrew Wilkinson

    ATV Files Buffering Issues on AFP

    I've got a Mac Mini running Apple TV OS with the ATV Files plugin. I have ATV Files sourcing from a mounted AFP volume (my MacBook Pro) over wireless. The problem is that every time I play a video file off the AFP volume it doesn't buffer becuase it thinks that it's coming from the internal drive and the video studders and stops frequently. I need to figure out a way to force quicktime to buffer the files it plays. Streaming works perfectly from iTunes for TV shows / movies, it's only ATV files that does this. Any ideas?