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  1. Problems with setting up my hackintosh ..

    The answer is yes. You can run SL or older version of hacintosh. I suggest you to use 10.6.6i (By Hazard). I am sure you'll find step by step manual how to do that. It should be on this forum.
  2. Hey everybody, I've installed Mac OS X SL (Hazard 10.6.2 AMD) sucessfully and now I have issues with booting - I turn on the computer and no beep (so BIOS have wrong settings) so I reset CMOS by removing battery. Than I boot normally. But I have to reset CMOS everytime I wanna boot. I selected AppleRTC so it should not be happening, right? Guys, please, help me.
  3. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    Thx man, I'll try.
  4. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    I'm using Orangutan, Lion 10.7.3.
  5. Restore sound iAtkos L2

    Hey guys, I installed few days ago some usb sound driver (for Creative X-Fi Pro sound card) but It didn't woke for me, even screwed all my sound so I have no sound devices in Control Panel->Sound. Anyone can send me original sound kexts from iAtkos L2 installation? Or where can I get them. In the installation was Apple HDA and VoodooHDA, I had last from list in VHDA. I don't wanna reinstall my mackintosh again.:/ OT: In the reinstall, can I just delete extension folder in System/Library/ and reinstall hacintosh? I think all my files should work just like before. Thx for answers!
  6. A List of external sounds that work

    I installed you attached file - SoundBlaster.USB.Audio.Support.pkg.zip but no sound now, MIDI SETUP crashes every time. I guess this will not work for my LION. What the hell.:// This made my sound screwed. No input/ouput devices. And MIDI Audio Setup won't run.:/
  7. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    Nice. Lines are very visible in lauchpad. But I don't really care about this. I have Hackintosh only for work and I love it. No matter about colors. Looks still MUUUCCH better that windows.
  8. A List of external sounds that work

    I have Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi pro and in MIDI setup all speakers works (in test). But when I play music via iTunes, only center and fronts works. Anyone know solution? I would appreciate that! .) I have hackintosh Lion on 10.7.3--
  9. Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 (USB!)

    For me works only Front and center. Rear and subwoofer won't work. I didn't try mic and inputs. Don't need them.
  10. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    I don't see lines when I watch movies (HQ). And about games - I told ya, I got Windows for few things.. I see it now. Well we will figure it out.') Do you think that fb can fix that? I read somewhere to disable graphics enabler - I tried it but without graphicsenabler=yes I have 5MB VRAM again. So I have to use ge=yes.
  11. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    I got it like you, 16bit. But I haven't even noticed before you send me this link. Is that big problem?
  12. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    No. ====================================================================== After all, I made clean install of iAtkos L2 (i used this all the time). Selected all necessary files, and in graphics first ATI Inyt. After install AtiConfig=Orangutan and guess what! Fully working. Lauchpad, Mission Control, - everything is soooo smooth and nice! Now I did update to 10.7.3 and works. ___________________________ Earlier I selected the second ATI Inyt cuz the first one did just black screen with backlight. Thx to you Neolo, I tried AtiConfig! ___________________________ I would not figure it without external monitor - I plugged it and it worked on 800x600 but worked (with lauchapd etc.) So I tried FB. So that was pleasure to work with you Neolo.
  13. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    I¨m booting with correct resolution but graphics is slow. When I type I sometimes got freeze (1sec) and graphics is slow, lauchpad loads too long and It¨s actually same like before, except bug on startup and in lauchpad. I don't know what to do, I read few tutorials how to make it work but I don't know if It will work.. Maybe I`ll find kexts which would work perfect.
  14. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    I had it on discrete all time, just saying theres an option..
  15. Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    It doesn't matter which mode I select, It`s still same.