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  1. I am having the EXACT same error, same hardware/software. It would be nice for some help
  2. ah ha, ive had the same problem, when you set up a UK itunes account, just get a 15 pound itunes card, that what i did, so i could dl some EP's, from the AAR, but you can get one on ebay.... for about 30 us
  3. macfan92

    New Ipod Os To old ipod?

    well, i see now, i saw it with all the components inside, but the connectors are the same, just not the chips, i wonder if the ipod classic has a wifi chip in it for song sharing?, i think instead the ipod touch/ipod classic should use bluetooth, so then you can share song with phones like to moto razr and slvr
  4. macfan92

    New Ipod Os To old ipod?

    well if you look at the dissection fotos, the motherboard Appers to be the same
  5. macfan92

    Who Here is Under the Age of 18?

    yeah this is blocked at my school, along with digg and everything with the word "proxy" in it
  6. macfan92

    Take One, Leave One

    burrito, mmmm freebirds taco bell or taco bueno?
  7. macfan92

    Is this pure evil?

    this is about the worst waste of human life ever. her father probabley raped her or something. yeah this is bad, evil and powerful
  8. macfan92

    Apple Demos

    is'nt that illegal, not like anyone cares but... yeah. Dont the Apple Employee's even remotley wonder why you put a blank DVD into their machines>?
  9. macfan92

    Did G4 users just get bitch-slapped

    hmmm. well this technition that made imovie "better" is now on everybody's to kill list, though with iMoive 06' free, why bother?
  10. macfan92

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    5136, this is FUN!!!
  11. macfan92

    Who Here is Under the Age of 18?

    loser, i had a 3 month 3 day summer Va K, i dont start school till the 27th
  12. macfan92

    Who Here is Under the Age of 18?

    patchie my friend, go get it
  13. Im 15, new sophomore. class of O'10, thats {censored}, class of O'10 not O'9, but 10, that suxs
  14. macfan92

    Apple's Logo

    my friends possed this question "who bit the apple"
  15. macfan92

    Apple's Logo

    if you knew anything, its beacause Apple comes before Atari in the phonebook