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  1. SOLVED! Help with Painting! SOLVED!

    I can hardly read it, d.....
  2. No Wireless 10.5.6

    Hi, Slice, thank you for the reply. I just get the WIFI dongle loaded without any problem by deleting the AppleUSBEHCI328.kext, instead of PCGENUSB. Your patch is actually my first attempt to fix my problem, although the dongle was only loaded occasionally. Then I added PCGENUSB.kext, having no success, which I just realized must conflicts with Appleusbehci. Thank you for your help and and keep us posted.
  3. No Wireless 10.5.6

    The same problem after 10.5.6 update from iA 10.5.5. The USB WIFI Belkin F5D7050B (was working without a hitch on K 10.5.2) stopped working properly, however, could be recognised occasionally. It even worked 1 or 2 times right after the 10.5.6 update, but never again. Suspect it might be sth evil in Quick time and iWork 09 installation. System log showed a 'PCGENUSB' loading error, which hasn't been solve by any kext trick. Any thought?
  4. HFS+ partition error

    If you install it natively, 1. Make sure your EXT Part. has been actived (use PQ) If not, log on Winxp and type in "diskpart" in command box. Then follow this ''list disk''---> ''select disk 0'' (or other numbers, chose the disk where MAC system has been installed) "list part" "select part 3"(or other numbers, chose the partition where MAC system has been installed) "active" "exit" Reboot 2. If problem insist, install OS selector in Winxp 3. Still not? keep the install DVD of MAC os in driver at booting, and you will see the apple hopefully.