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  1. I'm running Ubuntu 11 and have Lion installed to a vmdk and running in VirtualBox. I have an unformatted 30gb partition that I want to move the installation to. How can I format that partition HFS+ and copy the contents of my vmdk to it? The main step is to dd something to that partition, right? A couple of caveats: I don't have a USB flash drive to help. I do have an install DVD with Chameleon on it, but it won't get further than the bootloader. But if, for now, I need it for now to actually boot from that partition, that's OK. Thanks for your wisdom!
  2. I'm trying to install from Leo4AllV3, and when I try to boot from the DVD, it tells me something about a SAM Multimedia Read/Write Error. I tried disabling native sata support in my bios, but it does the same thing. My friend can install fine from this disk, and I've installed to this machine with Uphuck 10.4.9 before without trouble. Any hints?
  3. tdixon

    Endless DVD Reboot - iAtkos

    Exact same problem on HP Pavilion dv2310us. (AMD Turion64 X2)! I've tried it with three different install DVDs (ToH, JaS 10.4.8, Uphuck 10.4.9) and it does the same exact thing every time. When I use the JaS one, it tells me some com.apple.Boot.plist file isn't found. And all three of these have been confirmed to work on other machines.The weirdest thing is that it DID boot once all the way into the installer ONE TIME ONLY. It's only done it once, but it refused to format my blank partition that one time so I rebooted and it's never made it that far again. The one time it made it that far was the time right after I had run diskpart in Windows to prepare my blank partition, so I thought it had something to do with the hard drive, but I've never been able to reproduce what happened. Weird. Update! Oooh, strange thing, and good news. Right as my computer started to boot, I hit escape to "change boot order" then I selected DVD/CD-ROM drive and it got to the first screen, I pushed F8, typed -v, and it just worked…So try manually selecting boot order and see if that helps.
  4. tdixon

    Weird DVD Booting Problem

    I've had the same problem. Can anybody shed some light as to why it might continuously reboot before loading the kernel? Using ToH.
  5. tdixon

    Need help from a Guru

    I read this in another thread dealing with sound issues (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=20947&st=100): Toshiba is using absolutely proprietary Memory and IO-ranges for the Intel PCI bus which are set quite solid in the BIOS, that's why Intel/Conexant HD Audio or LAN/WLAN are not working here. I don't really know what that means, but could "proprietary Memory and IO-ranges" for the mini pci express bus have something to do with this issue?
  6. tdixon

    Compaq Presario C571NR

    I have a C303NR which I believe is similar and it works great except for wifi. I'm pretty sure none of the owners of the C300/C500 series has managed to get wireless networking to work. Other than that, I think it works pretty much perfectly.
  7. tdixon

    Laptop Battery Indicator

    Put the file on the desktop first. Then drag it from the desktop to the folder states and there should be an authenticate on the message that comes up. You have click Authenticate and enter your password. I can't be positive, but I think I'm remembering correctly...(don't have my Mac in front of me right this second.)
  8. tdixon

    Need help from a Guru

    Has anybody ever had similar bus issues in other computers, and were any such issues resolved? I know it's a long shot, but can you install a different mini pci express bus in a laptop?
  9. tdixon

    Need help from a Guru

    Here's what I installed: 10.4.9 Intel Intel SSE3-1 kernel GMA950 driver USB driver Azalia audio driver PowerManagement.bundle 1080211family.kext patch (installs networking kexts from 10.4.5, prevents "please shutdown your computer holding the power button") By the way, my computer sleeps fine, but I have to wake the computer by opening the lid. If I wake it by pressing the power button, my trackpad doesn't work until I put it back to sleep and wake it by opening the lid.
  10. tdixon

    Belkin USB Wireless Adapter F5D7050

    I've got the F5D7050 v4 working on my Uphuck 10.4.9 installation, but it goes extremely slow when I'm using WPA-TSK. It connects perfectly without any encryption, but it downloads at like 20 kb/sec if I'm using WPA. Has anybody else experienced this? I'm using version 4.5.7 of the Zydas drivers and of the Zydas "utility." Edit: Even without encryption, I'm downloading at like 550 kb/sec over my local area connection. That's not even close to what it should be over a 54 mbps connection. Does anybody else's F5D7050 work at full speed?
  11. tdixon

    Terribly Slow Web Browsing

    I had the exact same problem. I have a D-Link DI-524 router and all my Windows machines work, but any Mac that has ever connected, real Mac or hackintosh, has had terribly slow browsing. When I look at my resolv.conf file, it shows my only DNS server as (the address of my router). If I manually add DNS servers, it fixes the problem. So obviously there's some DNS issue with my router. So my fix is to manually add DNS servers in the network section of System Preferences. Is there some way to get the router to report the right DNS servers to my computer?
  12. tdixon

    Need help from a Guru

    Ditto on errandwolfe's plea for help, and @nirvanaguy, I wasn't able to shut down my C300 until recently. I installed with Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 and my USB wasn't working and my laptop wouldn't shut down. Then I did a fresh install with Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 and this time I installed the "USB driver needed for some PCs" and my USB worked and I could shut down normally as well as sleep and wake.
  13. I have OSX86 working almost perfectly on my Compaq C300. Like everybody else, I can't get the Dell 1390 BCM4311 wireless card working. Is there a mini pci express wireless card that is confirmed working that I can buy and put in my laptop?
  14. tdixon

    Two finger scrool and right-click

    It doesn't work on my Compaq. I think the Macbook has a special type of touchpad that enables that sort of thing.
  15. tdixon

    Broadcom 4311 Not Detect

    I tried SJBs kexts and nothing changed for me. I have a Compaq Presario C303NR with the Broadcom 4311 card. Are you sure you have the same card as us SJB? The wireless network card is the only thing not working on my laptop.