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    Qemu-Hack for Dev-Mactel Emulation?

    Hey, I just wondered if anybody wants to hack support for the NIC and the Audiocard of the Dev machines into Qemu? VMware does not support them, and we cant change that, but since qemu is open source, we could build a friendly fork or so to make a mactel-dev-machine-emulator....so we can finally get all the features OSX on emulation! What do you think? Could we solve the graphic card driver problem (3D support?) too? I know this one should be hard... If the abovementioned things (NIC, Audio) already work in QEMU then please excuse me, but I couln't find much info on Qemu, seems like everybody wants to use VMWare.
  2. flying_spacemonkey

    Something to tide us over

    well it maybe does, for me it just got slower, but you can always uninstall. It did change my bootscreen though, but it was static, so not animated. I'd rather have a real Mac too, so that's why I'm waiting for this Project to take off, but in the meanwhile it could be nice. Whats the link to the Longhorn one?
  3. flying_spacemonkey

    Something to tide us over

    Hey, you guys do know FlyakiteOSX, do you? Its something for lazy Windows-Users, to style almost all of their desktop stuff like in Mac OSX..preferences even say Mac OS X 10.4 or so.... So, you have to notice that its slow though... But you can check it out here http://osx.portraitofakite.com/