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  1. So I have a virtual machine in VMware player working of Mac OS 10.6.2. My reasoning behind this is well, I figured it would be easier to configure and troubleshoot from a virtual machine then copy it and make it boot able later. So far everything is working, it likes my video card, no kernal panics when I open 32 and 64 bit apps, so its all good. My question is how do I go about duplicating the partition to a harddrive that I have? Is there a guide to this? Thanks for your time
  2. Updating On AMD

    Okay, I'm really excited right now, I just got snow leopard to boot on my amd machine. its 10.6 with no updates at all. I have a few questions though, I installed and updated and the next time I went to boot it wouldn't, and I've just finished a clean second install. I figured out it wouldn't boot before was because I didn't update the legacy kernel before I went to reboot. But there a still a few things that I need to figure out, like how to enable my 5830 vid card. Do you know where I can find the kexts for that? Also, its there a guide for updates? I've read a few and they've all said that you just need to run the legacy kernal package installer before reboot, is it that easy?