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  1. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    to keep the thread clean please ask a specific thread for the 2017 version of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook cause that's a completely different machine with different hardware! Carlang59 I suggest you to create a thread for this purpose and post your Efi on the download section! Thanks guys! Excuse me but I'm a bit confused. I do not know what is the right place to open a new post. (download? Notebook?) Can you help me?
  2. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    If you have xiaomi air 2017 (the version with Nvidia MX150) replace the clover folder from your usb. Make the installation. Then on your hard drive, when you have installed clover, replace the whole clover folder again. As I told you in the previous posts, some things do not work. Carlo
  3. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    In response also to Bergui45, this is my "clover". Thanks for your time. Carlo CLOVER.zip
  4. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    hi, helped by Gengik84 I managed to install osx. There are some limitations. Some minors: No wi-fi function (I have solved the problem with external usb) it does not work bluetooth Some major limitations for me are: mouse and trackpad does not work well It does not work HDMI monitor output. The system seems stable but to date I have not yet put it into production. If you want I can send you the "clover" to get up to this point.
  5. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Hi, I do not think I can help you. I have xiaomi air 13.3 version 2107 and it is different from yours. I hope someone more esert can help you.
  6. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Hello and thank you for your interest. Helped by another user I was able to boot and install high Sierra. I still have the problem of the trackpad that works badly. The mouse pointer wanders around the desk with little control. It is practically unusable. Do you have a solution? My kext are these: ACPIBatteryManager.kext. vers. 1.81.4 AppleALC.kext. vers. 1.2.2 FakeSMC.kext. vers. 06/26/1440 IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext. vers. 1.2.0 IntelGraphicsFixup.kext. vers. 1.2.1 Lilu.kext. vers. 1.2.1 USBInjectAll.kext. vers. 0.5.17 VoodooPS2Controller.kext. vers. 08/01/29 VoodooI2C.kext Other question I can not install windows on the partition because it tells me that the EFI partition to boot (with cclover) is formatted in ntfs and not fat32, but not true.
  7. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Ho un notebook xiaomi air 13.3 con Intel Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake, RAM 8 GB DDR4 256 GB M.2 SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX150. Vorrei installare 10.13.2 come guida. Usando il dual boot con win 10 senza doppio disco. Ho questo errore, AMFILoadTrustedKeysFromNVRam. Mi potete aiutare? Grazie j attact the image