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  1. Dear Verdant! First of all i need to say a big THANK YOU for your guides, because now thank's to your posts, i have a fully functional OSX Lion 10.7.0 on my PC. Now only one more thing missing. I have no hardware acceleration for my 8800 GTX. After few days of searching around, i'm still facing with this problem. As i know it's a known issue, but i can't find the solution. I heard something about that the 10.7.3 update will solve the problem. i've tried to update, but i get kernel panic every time. I'm using only the kexts from your support files v1.1, and i haven't modified the DSDT yet. I just entered the hex format string of my GPU under device-properties in boot.plist. i get the full resolution that i needed, but still no hardware acceleration, and with flash crashes. Please if You, or anybody have a solution, help me! I have an Asus Striker Extreme MOBO (nForce 680i) with two 8800 GTX (SLI) in it. I needed to take my second card out to install the Lion, so now I have just one installed in single mode. Is it possible to get the SLI back to work? Thank's for Your help, and sorry for my bad english. Regards, Nostromo