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    Change display

    After finding that it was possible to change display of my laptop to a fhd one, I ordered a new one, and just installed. I tried it on windows and it seemed perfect, rebooted to Mojave 10.14 and works very well, but when I start chrome I start see a lot of graphics glitches on the screen. Chrome on windows is still perfect. What can I do to solve the issue? EDIT: With Clover configurator does the same as chrome.
  2. Thanks, it fixed ports perfectly! Another thing: When i start up the computer, before reaching the clover loading menu it takes a lot of time. There's something i can do?
  3. Hi @MaLd0n, i would like to update my laptop to high sierra or mojave, but i've got some problems. I tried many times to update, but i don't know how to fix hd4400 (the patch i use now doesn't work in higher version) and wifi (if i update clover, wifi patches doesn't work anymore). Can you help me? Thanks a lot!
  4. Sometimes (mainly after waking from sleep) audio is very bad from headphones... What can i do?
  5. Hi! I updated my bios, can you please help me to update my clover folder? Thanks!! Send me iMac-di-Paolo.homenet.telecomitalia.it.zip
  6. Is normal that the computer boots slower than my laptop (with an i7-4510U)? Why there isn't the plugintype? Should I add it or not? Using VoodooHDA HDMI Audio is working. I'm using a DP to HDMI cable and i think it should work without VoodooHDA, but it isn't working. There's a way to hide unused HDMI audio output? Thanks a lot!
  7. Sorry, i'm idiot and i didn't clicked on "Attach This File". Here it is. Archivio.zip
  8. Hi @MaLd0n. I updated the bios of my hackintosh and I need to update dsdt. I've uploaded everything needed. Can I have patches so I can do this by myself? Thanks a lot!
  9. Paolo7297

    Dopo aggiornamento a 10.13.2 non funziona più l'audio

    Va bene. Grazie mille!
  10. Paolo7297

    Dopo aggiornamento a 10.13.2 non funziona più l'audio

    Grazie! Così funziona! Sicuro che Lilu non dia alcun tipo di problema? Non si riesce a fare un adummyhda.kext? Inviato dal mio MI 5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Paolo7297

    Dopo aggiornamento a 10.13.2 non funziona più l'audio

    S1220A, dovrebbe essere il ALC1220 con un codec id differente