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  1. No, doesn´t work. Tried "y", "Yes", "yes"!
  2. Hello, i´m also interested in this, I thought it should be like this: <key>Legacy Logo</key> <string>Yes</string> but it doesn´t work. Is there any ducumentation about this? Thanks in advance shila
  3. shila

    Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    Hello all, is it possible to add "mute" in the alc662 AppleHDA? Otherwise working well on P5GC-MX/1333. Thanks shila
  4. Hello, I´m running Leopard 10.5.5 on Sony Vaio VGN-215Z Laoptop. Runs stable but I have 2 Issues left: - Can`t boot from Battery. When I try to boot without power supply I get 33Mhz bus frequency (shouldt be 100Mhz) and I get a kernel panic. I think it´s a bios problem (speedstep) but theres no option to disable this in bios. - Sleep/Wakeup doesn´t work. Can put system to sleep, but on wakeup I loose keyboard, trackpad / mouse. On my desktop I fixed this issue with disabling "generic usb support". But also this option is not present in bios on VGN-215Z. I can´t find any other bios than the one which is installed. Is it possible to hack the bios to get it woking? Does anybody have different bios for this laptop? Is it probably possible to fix this with dsdt patch? Thanks in advance. shila
  5. shila

    ALC662 No Sound with taruga's patch

    Hi, thank´s Dr Hurt, using your kext now on asus P5GZ-MX/1333. The only thing which doesn´t work is "MUTE" from Keyboard. Is it possible to add this? thanks shila
  6. Hello, read the post from STLVNUB on page 21! Works for me, now have an easy upgradeble system. regards shila
  7. shila

    Wake up from USB Keyboard/Mouse?

    Yes, that´s the price you have to pay! But Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Wake from mouse or keyboard works perfekt, for me!
  8. shila

    Wake up from USB Keyboard/Mouse?

    So I finally found the problem: when I saw "eberts" comments I thought about changing my P5GZ-MX to a P5GC-MX/1333 for getting this to work. I found a really cheap one on ebay and changed the mobo... -> problem not solved, only wakes correct when using power button. But yesterday I got it to work!!! ... You have to disable USB Legacy Support in BIOS!!!... Now I can wake my system also from usb Keyboard or mouse! hope this helps shila
  9. shila

    Blue White G3 Case mod

    Hello again, I also have P5GZ-MX and build it into a G3 case. As I had already a LG DVD which is only 14,5 cm, I thought it would fit, but it didn´t. I had to cut out the dvd-holder and I had to resolder one capacitor, one coil and the connector for case fan on the motherboard. shila
  10. Hello, when I use Pacifist for extracting something from imstaller packages it´s crashing very often. What can I do to get Pacifist working properly? Are others experiencing this to? thanks in advance shila