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  1. might want to reupload, can't extract here - not necessary found a copy on iNet... Still no go though, any change of resolution in any way causes me to have a blue screen with mouse cursor but no desktop, what a pitty
  2. i'm using ATIinject, got acceleration and everything, list graphics modes but can't change or I get blue screen
  3. editing the plist doesn't do the trick for me just reverts back to 1440x900
  4. It's in /Library/Preferences, you could upload it here
  5. Well my res is back to normal, and I'd give you my file but it's garbled 2
  6. I'm running kaly 10.5.2, with vanilla 9.02 didn't do the graphics update because my screen goes dark when I try it
  7. same here, after changing resolution all goes blue and now I can't change back! Really annoying, have to boot in safemode to get my desktop back...