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  1. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    That had no effect. I also tried removing one of the video cards and using the installer that gave me a blank screen, but had the same result. I thought maybe it didn't know how to handle two cards. I've read other people having success with EFI studio but I'm not running EFI. Is it possible on AMD? I tried before during the Leo4All install selecting the EFI kernel, bootloader, and other things it said to check. Then when I tried to boot from the drive my computer rebooted before it could get to the boot loader.
  2. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    Any other ideas anyone? Should I try a later version of leopard. I would go to snow leopard if I could find a way to do an AMD install.
  3. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    ATY_Init.kext and coreVidia had no effect. CoreVidia actually caused a kernel panic. Also SLI is controlled from the software, not the BIOS. I guess I'll try the other link. Install the NV drivers then when I get a blank screen start changing which port my display is plugged into. I may also try Natit standalone. UPDATE: Tried each DVI port. All gave the same blank screen(no backlight). Guess I'll give natit a go. UPDATE: Natit didn't work either. It would be nice to move this forum around so the people in the graphics sub forum could see it. Then if and when I get graphics working move back to work on everything else. Perhaps I should start a new thread there.
  4. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    Alone as in no Geforce*.kext and NVDA*.kext?
  5. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    Tried that. I just get a blank screen. Not black. My monitor shuts off. Edit: Was looking at the HCL and saw this: Does that mean: -Install Natit -Install drivers from EVGA website -Remove NVDAResman.kext -Install Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards -Install Nvidia driver It seams a bit odd since the lat two steps would overwrite the first two and you would end up with three display drivers installed. NVDAResmon, Natit, and ATY_init(from Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards). That would also explain why when I tried it it didn't work but I saw output from three display drivers try to fire up.
  6. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    Tried it and it didn't work. Also I installed Leo4All 10.5.4. I was going to install iATKOS 10.5.7 but the installer would hang at the gray screen with a pinwheel of death. From how I understood the install process you installed the NV drivers from the irc server first(OpenGL, NV Driver, and GForce Drivers) then ran the injector. Again sorry about the flash. Without it the letters are too blurred to read.
  7. Looking for Motherboard

    I'm currently working on getting this to work in this thread. If, jeff7462, you ever do come across this thread again take a look at my progress.
  8. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    Ok, I have Leopard installed. But I have no audio, ethernet, or QE/CI. Trying to get QE/CI working first. Tried this with no luck. Also tried editing the NVDAN50.kext and NVDAResman.kext and putting my device ID in there(0x05e210de). The system just hangs on boot at "dsmos: Starting...".
  9. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    I was digging around in the BIOS and noticed that my SATA controller was set to IDE. I set it to AHCI and am attempting an install now. Now once I get it installed can I get SLI to work? I'm using 2 EVGA GTX 260's.
  10. Looking for Motherboard

    I have this motherboard and am currently trying to get it to work. I could not boot from the dvd (leo4all v4.1) with a SATA2 or EIDE DVD drive. I booted successfully with an external DVD drive but I could not see the hard drives. I assume it's a kext issue. I'm about to try iATKOS v7.
  11. Putting Leopard on my new SLI PC

    I don't have any of those laying around or any USB thumb drives large enough. Also I'm using a SATA 2 DVD drive. Should I try an EIDE one?
  12. It's been a while since I've done anything with OSX86 so I could use some help with this install. Hardware is in signature. Right now I'm getting a "Still Waiting for Root Device" error. Output is attached. Sorry about the flash. It was needed to make the letters crisp. Otherwise they were blown out. I'm planing on putting Leopard on the 500GB Hard Disk. I'm trying to use Leo4All v4.1.
  13. This is the same as suing Palm because they don't have the OS supported for non-palm devices.
  14. bad kexts and nothing I do helps

    If it's in your storage directory then it's already mounted. Else, if you want to mount something sudo mount -t file_system_type /dev/device /path_to_mount_point Example: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /Volumes/Windows
  15. bad kexts and nothing I do helps

    To remove files rm -rf file.kext Be warned that this command is unforgiving. If you mistype then you could loose your info. To move files mv -f file1 file2 To copy files cp -R file1 file2 To change Directories cd directory To list the files and directories of the folder your currently in ls EDIT: Forgot about the permissions To repair file permissions chmod -R 755 file.kext then chown -R root:wheel file.kext Then you have to reload your kexts. You can either boot with the -f flag or you can delete /system/library/extensions.kextcache.