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    Same problems here. On Mavericks my connection drops about every 5 minutes and I have to restart my computer. Thank you! EDIT: On Mountain Lion same problems. I think it has to do with the 5.0.6 update. Is there any download for the old version to try out if the problem is hard or software wise. EDIT EDIT: I have found the 5.0.5 version and it's working at least on Mountain Lion. Haven't tried Mavericks yet. Here's a Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!oB1CFa6T!fUc30GDEDEln9_txFAF8R1fHgmExNX11YJWBdFoS1_w (If it is not allowed to post a link, please tell me or delete it)
  2. Ok thanks! I will try the Intel way and reinstall Windows on the AMD one until there is a fix
  3. Hello, i also tried this kernel and used it with a Radeon HD7870 and Phenom II 955,and like the most people here, got the graphic artifacts and glitches. As far as i followed this problem doesn't appear when you are using a Bulldozer CPU. So my question is will it help to buy a new FX Cpu to use it with my old mainboard or should i completely upgrade my PC with a new Intel Setup. Thanks in Advance!