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  1. Geekbench 2.0

    universal crashes for me as soon as I try to run it, rosetta crashes after a few mins. JaS 10.4.8 AMD 64 3500+ SSE2 Nforce3 250gb 1gb Dual channel DDR 400mhz Gigabyte 7600GS AGP Boot Drive is a USB connected 40gb drive Windows drive is SATA 200gb Still early days for me using os x , might try it again if i set up a dual boot scenario Will submit crash log if dev is interested?
  2. 7600 GS AGP doesn't work please help

    I just went through the same thing on a Gigabyte 7600 Gs AGP with the same device ID. After getting that far, open up System Preferences > Display , choose "Gather Windows" I think, this gives you access to both resolution changers, I forget the exact method, but I remember changing sizes on both screens, switching to mirror, etc etc, I finally got it where the 2nd display that was "wrong" was the only one working, and couldnt go any further so I gave up and rebooted, upon reboot everything worked like charm (apart from 2 small errors, but I beleive they make no difference to the actual usage - 2nd LCD only shows as "VGA Display" and my Bus reports PCI instead of AGP). I didnt muck with any kext's after getting "some" display on the 2nd screen. Hope this helps.
  3. Natit for Nvidia with dual display

    Hi I got Natit_Uni_1.0.pkg to work on my 7600 GS (gigabyte Silent) AGP , dual screens, 1280x1024x60 (that's all my LCD's support) QE and CI working on both. I had to install the .pkg on a fresh install , then mod Geforce.kext NVDAResman.kext and NVDANV40Hal.kext to specify my device ID. When i 1st installed it and it worked, the display conencted to the DVI was very slim, and no mouse cursor would show, I used "Gather Window" or something to that effect in display properties so I could get access to change both resolutions to what they should be, then mucked about trying mirror and stuff, but did not work, then rebooted and everything came up roses, so to those people having that or a similar problem try mucking about with System Preferences > Displays before hacking away at the kext's again. The only problem now is the 2nd monitor detects as "VGA Display" instead of Phillips 190S , and the Bus shows PCI instead of AGP. Hopefully I can fix this without destroying the Dual Screen QE CI.