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  1. I also successfully installed Yosemite on my MicroSDHC . I don't need any boot options to boot. But when ever i boot into Yosemote, it's realy slow. I installed IntelHD Patcher, restored some Kexts whose made the booting at first stuck.. and it's slow Btw, i use by USB Stick to boot into Yosemite , don't know if should install Clover on my MicroSDHC to fix slowness ?
  2. Hello sandman01! I really would like to use your config.plist! Could you please attach this here ? Greetings! Update: downloaded Surface Pro 2 Files from a User, i am able to install, let's see ;-)
  3. As ethan9482 discribed, when ever i try to boot into Yosemite, i get the "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" error, then it says "Waiting for root device" and stucks. I am not able to load bash to run commands Any suggestion ? I am using Clover v2k r2695 + Yosemite DP2
  4. Boot in Safe Mode only Issue

    Hey, i backed up & deleted these Kexts: and I was able to boot without safe mode. But it's not smooth yet. It's laggy and it is used 3GB of 4GB Ram. As you already wrote, it has to do with the Graphics.. Please help :/ CPU: Intel Core i5 1,7 Ghz RAM: 4gb 1600 Mhz GPU: Intel HD 4000
  5. Hello Guys, i installed Mavericks on my Surface Pro 1 successfully. But when i try to boot without safe mode, i get stuck at "IOBluetooth .. Missing". I can access Mavericks only in Safe Mode. Does anyone also had this Issue with Surface Pro + Mavericks ? Error message: -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Any suggestion would be great. Thanks.
  6. Normal mode, but yeah i try to repair permission. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys, i finally installed Mountain Lion successfully. But it's very very slow! Does anyone have the same problem ? Are there kext's to fully speed the hackintosh up ? Im running Mountain Lion GM on Surface Pro 1. Should i run updates etc ? Any suggestion could solve my problem! Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, i followed the Guide to Install Mavericks on my Surface Pro 1 but when i try to boot after the installation, i stuck at IOBluetooth .. so i deleted everything with name bluetooth in my extensions, now i got stuck at: I also deleted IntelHDA & ATI drivers.. here all the kext's i backed up & also deleted on my installation: I booted with "Without caches and kext injections" . Any suggestions ?
  9. Getting the Voodoo Driver working

    Please guys :/
  10. Getting the Voodoo Driver working

    UPDATE I have a REALTEK ALC888 and need the compatible kexts, May anyone can help ? Greets.
  11. Hey guys, i installed my hackintosh Mountain Lion 10.8.3 yesterday and everything worked fine, expect the audio. System Info tells me i've got a High Definition Audio Controller. And here's the screen: At the beginning of the installation i choosed VoodoaHDA 2.* .. can't remember. I also post-installed the Voodoo druver with Multi.. . So what must i do to get this working? By clicking on Voodoo in the system settings, i get the error " No VoodoHDA Devices detected". I hope you guys can help me. Thank you. Btw, i am booting with " npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=Yes PCIRootUID=1 -v -x -f " inform me guys if i the boot flags are the problem... Greets. Specs: Intel Core Duo 3ghz. Motherboard: G31-p35 Grafic card: Nvidia GTX 650 TI OS: Mountain Lion 10.8.3 RAM: DDR2 4GB