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  1. .mkv on Apple TV?

    any update about this features ?
  2. The must should be a direct menu QUIT in AppleTV interface
  3. i can't find other, where it is ? Edit : it's impossible. just look a help files in preference panes : Vous ne pouvez pas définir de raccourcis clavier pour les tâches générales, telles que l'ouverture d'une application ou le basculement entre applications.
  4. works fine with a shorcut on my mighty mouse !! But why i haven't the introduction video when i start appletv ?
  5. it's impossible to open a application with a shortcuts in system prefs
  6. I think that the solution to quit Backrow with a mouse is not very good because with a MacbookPro or a Macbook we don't have a mouse. But thank your for your job !