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  1. Anyone tried to install Mountain Lion yet?
  2. Everything runs nice, except the WWAN (not so important) and the SD card reader. Has someone an Idea how to get the card reader running? OSX doesn't recognize it.
  3. Another question: Is it possible to get my WWAN card running? (It's not recognized on Mac OSX)
  4. Wow! It works perfectly! Amazing work. If you have an Paypal account I would spend you some beer for all that work. Thanks! EDIT: Ok first problem: My multimedia keys (play, pause, volume up etc.) don't work anymore. Is it my fault? Just deleted NVEnaber and replaced the old DSDT with the new one. EDIT: Ok strange... Sometimes it works, sometimes not... I'm going to observe this
  5. Here it is. (Attachment) So the 9200M is turned off and won't work anymore, right? What's the advantage of this method? That would help me a lot. nvenabler64.ioreg.txt
  6. Login via ssh worked fine. Ioregistry and bdmesg are in the attachment. NVEnabler64 is working, but I get kp using HDMI. allak.bdmesg.txt allak.ioreg.txt
  7. Thanks, it was my fault. Script is working fine and it says that dsdt-alt is the right one. Don't know what that means. I used dsdt-alt.aml NVEnabler64.kext to get graphics to save the bdmesg. I hope that's no problem. debug info.zip
  8. I used the lion standard unzipper. Look in the attachment. Yes I did. debug info.zip
  9. Hi, i have a problem with your dsdt-check.pl script. When I try to run it, it says "./showbootermemorymap: command not found". Using your DSDT.aml hangs on "PCI Configuration Begin". Using your DSDT-alt.aml ends with a blank screen. With DSDT-alt and GE=No it works like a charm except the graphics. (Only 1024x768 etc.) I think I have the same problem like Kelobb. System: XPS 1340 P8600 9400m + 210 Bios v. A15 What should I do? Thanks a lot!