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  1. argh! I didn't read about that iOS5. Do you think lion will work on my laptop? What distro can you recommend?
  2. ^yeaa. I just need to set this up because I need to build an iOS app(using Unity) asap. That hazard release has a size of 4gb++ and it cost me about 1 day to finish downloading it. It is much pain in the ass if I download a retail dvd again with regards to my net speed which punches for about 200kbps(if I'm lucky). Hope you understand.
  3. Hello, I have managed to install mac osx snow leopard using leo hazard's release. But can't find suitable drivers which I think is the culprit. Here's my specs: PROBLEMS: 1. I can't find drivers for LAN and WLAN 2. Am I installing the right drivers? LOL Here are the drivers available in Hazard: Can you help me on identifying what to tick in those available drivers? Thanks!
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hello! Newbie here. Hoping to get my hackintosh machine working for developing iOS apps. Hazard 10.6.6 user here. But experiencing some problems.