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    Backing up Imaging rEFIt partitions

    Hey guys, I messed up my rEFIt partition scheme so that I don't have access to my Linux partition and Mac OS X locks me out (when I try to log in, it accepts my password and prompts me again - I've tried to reinstall, but everytime I get access on the first boot and then never again). So, I'm going to completely wipe my drive and reinstall OSX, Linux, and Windows... I want to keep my data. Is there a way I can image/backup the entire drive (every EFI partition) in a way that I can easily access each afterward? The windows 7 partition is working perfectly, so that's one I'd like to clone exactly and put right back on... Also, If I've a clean MBP (I've the newest edition), then in what should I reinstate these OSs (one of them being the disk image for my win7 parition) - so that things don't go wrong. Thanks!