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  1. Hello! I would really like a modded bios for my MSI P31 Neo V2 MS-7392 mainboard: Original bios v2.2: http://download1.msi.com/files/downloads/bos_exe/7392v22.zip HW: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 / 3.16 GHz - 1333 MHz CPU FSB Intel® P31/ Chipset SATAII controller integrated in ICH7 4GB DDR2 667Mhz Ram (2Gx2) Nvidia GeForce 8400Gs PCI-E Problem - setup just don`t want to start and reboots the computer. Best regards,
  2. I bought a new motherboard MSI P31 Neo V2 with Chipset P31/G31 Express Chipset and southbrige ICH7 i can't install iPC 10.5.6 i went to OMN's DSDT looking for Mod Bios i Found one i think it's for my motherboard model http://www.osxcores.site50.net/product-1.htm under name (MS)-7392v41 P31 Neo2. i try to make a bootable Floppy Disk but i can't move the Flash file for it beceause no space so i had used AMI FLASH utility from windows but when i want to flash my Bios it's gave me a message that's say "Error:Rom File Size not incorrect" cause it's not 512k it's 1024K . so pleas help me to reslove this problem and join you on Mac OSX86. Thank you very Much.
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    Need solution For My Realtek ALC861Vd

    Up ,Pleas any solution
  4. syriamagic

    Need solution For My Realtek ALC861Vd

  5. syriamagic

    Need solution For My Realtek ALC861Vd

    Hi every body : i have a motherboard Biostar 945GZ Micro-775 and i have a problem just with my Sound Card Realtek ALC861VD i used some kext drivers in this Forum by this Topic By MadTux http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=129485 But it's didn't Work on My BioStar So Pleas if Anyone have success to run ALC861VD on Biostar i'll be Very Thanks to help me and tell me about solution. P.S : I have Used VoodooHD Kext it's fully Work(first time i think so) But later the Mic Not Work with Skype or Else i checked the Configuration for Skype and System Configuration everything ok but no Mic. Thank you Best Regards
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    Input & output Sound Card worked for ALC662 /Via1708s for Asrock G31M-S But no information for Audio Device in System Profiler
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    VIA 1708S with Azalia Audio Pkg

    thank you great job we are wait the input for mic and line in
  8. syriamagic

    Problem SoundCard Realtek

  9. syriamagic

    Need the 9.6.0 vanilla kernel

    don't choose any Kernel in the list while setup if u use iPC 10.5.6 i don't know if it work on other version and it will take 9.6.0 Automatically by default
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    Problem SoundCard Realtek

    anybody have a solution plz
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    Problem SoundCard Realtek

    i have a Problem with my Sound Card Realtek ALC662 on my MotherBoard ASROCK G31M-S With Intel Chipset Intel G31 (http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=G31M-S&s=) i have install iPC 10.5.6 with ALC662 The Driver is installed and i can see all devices(Mic ,Lin In and Line out) but i can't hear any sounds i checked the cable and it was plugged good i Tried all other soulation for 12 hours ago but nothing happend now i'm using Azalia Audio but without Input Device just output so if you have a solution for this Problem cause somebody say the card is not ALC 662 but it's ALC888 and in official site say ALC662 / VIA® VT1708S Audio Codec. Thank You Very Much For help. Sorry For My English.
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    driver USB SAGEM wifi XG760N

    It's Work with Zydas 802,11 B/G USB LAN Very Will with MAc OSX 10,5,2 watch Picture
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    driver USB SAGEM wifi XG760N

    I have a Wireless USB Adapter Model Sagem XG760N is it Compatible With Mac OSX86 ipc 10.5.6 i found an Driver For Macintoch (not Hackintoch OSX86) on this Site http://lgsagem.free.fr/drivers__wifi__pcmcia_et_usb.htm is it Work fine? or i need a Patched Driver for Mac OSX86? Thank you.
  14. hi everybody , i have installed leo4all v3 10,5,2 on my pc and now i would like to update it to 10,5,6 or 10,5,5 how can do it without format Current OS X86 (just like when i goto update Windows OS i don't need to format the system), pleasif it possible help me i'll be wait your respode very soon . Thank you and thanks for everybody make this forum on the top.