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  1. Of Cours secure Boot is OFF, and my Screen During Boot is red -> normal, just Want to say that sp1 Users also have a red Screen
  2. The red Screen is also on sp1. I have the same USB Problem, we have to Format the whole ssd
  3. the second Surface pro was formatted by the osx installer, complete. but i'll Try it again, as soon as i got a Image of my win8.1
  4. Ok Guys, im not New to hackintosh, but i cannot solve this. yes of cours im using kext wizard(same as Utility), and yes im German native.
  5. The kext isnt even loaded, so please help me, i installed it via kw and tried to inject it Just Tried again, if i rebuild kext Cache via terminal it says genericusb got a invalid Signature?
  6. Yeah im in the 10.10 installer and im trying to Format my old 10.9 Partition, but diskutil says that my Partition cannot be unmounted or deactiviated, i Tried it several Times but it doenst work. Even install without deleting my old Partition doesnt work
  7. why does it say that my osx partition cannot be unmounted/deactivated? i can get into the installer but not further.
  8. Jus Tried the kext, it doesnt work for me: I downloaded it I installed it via kext wizard I rebuilded cache via kw. Reboot, it doesnt work, in system information i can see that appleusb is loaded, why? so i tried injecting it via clover, doesnt work neither. Any advices? should i try 10.10, does it work better?
  9. I think he means the flickering during the boot, i have it too. What about the usb problem, i dont find a updated kext.
  10. again, i have two surfaces here. the first one is mine, it got a usb wifi key with its driver, and the second one is completely fresh, nothing installed but the guides kexts. and on booth it doesnt work.
  11. Im already using the dsdt/ssdt from its Folder. Everything is working but USB, if i Boot with my wifikey it Works, if i plug it out and plug a USB pen drive in, it doesnt work.
  12. There arent dsdt/ssdt in the root. dsdt are in toefipartition and in dsdt/ssdt folder
  13. (surfaceosx) have one of you guys ever experienced problems with usb? i just have installed osx on two surface pro and if i boot normaly none of my usb device are recognized, they even dont get energy i think, because my usb sticks lights arent on. but if i boot with a usb device plugged in it is recognized, but if i plug it out and put another in the new one isnt recognized... sounds like as usb kext problem for me, any advices? its on booth surface pros.