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  1. jabirbin

    HELP! i can't enable AHCI

    I think you can install it on IDE mode.Although you have to put patched IOATAFamily.kext in your extra folder of your installer.I suppose it works with IDE enhanced mode aswell.Give it a go.
  2. jabirbin

    Help with UEFI bios :S

    What's your motherboard,sire?
  3. jabirbin

    HELP! i can't enable AHCI

    Read iatkos ml2 readme and look for the RAID installation article.It should have everything you need.
  4. Post your kernel log here( Search for console in spotlight,get the system.log and make sure you post the latest part,check the timestamps).Also try booting with GraphicsMode=1366x768x32 flag. Boot with -v GraphicsMode=1366x768x32 and you mean HFS+ partition.
  5. Your OS X installer disk seems to be causing the problem.What "program" did you use to make the installer?You could use MyHack if you like. When installing Mac OS X,make sure you choose the right partition to install it on your hard-disk, Try these bootflags -v GraphicsEnabler=No Also look for BIOS setup (for Hackintosh) for your motherboard model precisely.Speaking of which look for people installing on the same motherboard,same processor(or from same generation,as for you 3rd gen Ivy bridge).For Example, Google "i5 3570k P8z77 hackintosh"
  6. Try booting with -f bootflag. Lion won't run on your Ivy bridge unless you use a patched kernel.I suggest you try installing Mountain Lion instead or replace your lion kernel.Although it seems to load it.I don't know for sure if the distro comes with it though.If you have a mac then get yourself a retail copy.
  7. Did you disable Nvidia Graphics?Try enabling integrated graphics from BIOS. and disable Nvidia Graphics.
  8. I don't think it may even support support AHCI.For what its worth. http://www.insanelym...intel-cpu-mobo/ Whats your Laptops Model again?
  9. jabirbin

    Post Install Help Needed!

    Mine's got CSM.Although never using it.I am pretty sure I disabled Legacy Oprom totally.Seems to work fine with Windows 8 and Windows 7.Don't think XP's gonna work ever though.Don't even care about it.
  10. jabirbin

    Post Install Help Needed!

    Thanks for clearing it up.So what happens when you have UEFI only BIOS?
  11. You have try it to find out.
  12. I am sorry but I think I am lost here,where do you chose between laptop and another option?You made the installer.Right?
  13. jabirbin

    iAtkos L2 didn't install bootloader

    Didn't I reply to this in your another post.Stop SPAMMING.
  14. See if you can get an update for that bios.Its set to non-ahci mode apparently.See if you can find the manual online.There should be some kext to load OSX in IDE mode.Havn't checked them out since 2008. :wink2: .
  15. When does this message appear?