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  1. [AMD] 10.6.8 Guide - written by Devout

    i would like to say first of all, thank you Devout for providing the tutorial. i followed each direction step by step and so far, it says Successful installation, but when i get to this part: when i get the reboot and get to this part: • Once the installation has been completed, restart the machine (It’ll do it automatically). Boot back into ModUSB by pressing the Boot menu button and then once you see the drives screen you should see the hard drive you installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard on. • Select it, but don’t HIT ENTER. Type in Code: busratio=18 -v it gives me a panic screen. is there any solution to this? My Current Specs are as follows: AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core 3.66ghz NOT OC'ed Gigabyte GA 78LMT-S2P Chipset 780G 4GB ram nVidia GeForce GT 610