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  1. Tabbing over into iTunes to type in Apple TV code?

    New Problem... iTunes doesnt see aTV running even though it is
  2. Our first challenge, rather than in a window (which would be useless anyway due to its requirements - i.e. HD) would be fast user switching. Another option for content would be to find the folders AppleTV uses for the files and create aliases there. That's what we did when Front Row came out and people like me had Music and such on other external drives. worked a charm.
  3. You know, I was thinking...remember when Front Row first came out and noone could access the media on other drives and it turned out to be a simple fix by creating Aliases within the main Folders (i.e. Music, Movies, Photos, etc)? Maybe someone can find the path to AppleTV's media folders and once we have that, add the Alias to the drives that contain our media and see if that works. Or even linking it to our iTunes XML file, perhaps?
  4. I agree with zhinchliffe there must be a way of doing this.
  5. Sorry, I can not. That site doesn't display properly in Firefox. Besides, I already have it working. What I need now is the user switching or a keystroke to kill it and bring me back to the login window.
  6. No worries, my comment was meant in jest. another keen idea to add to fast user switching would be if someone found a way to incorporate EyeTV cards (I have the EyeTV Hybrid)
  7. That's because it has a password attached to it...which, like the OSX86 disk image on PirateBay, seems to be conveniently missing and mysteriously---noone knows what they are or they aren't telling on purpose. I don't like games. hmm...what's the password to the file you first linked us to? Also, gigasize and Firefox don't play nice together. The image doesnt show up. You sure you aren't working for Apple and trying to keep people confused and downloading useless files
  8. Not sure why I had to re-enter my info for an account here, but...HI! Remember me? Ok, got it installed fine. I didn't even bother to reboot. All I did was log out, then back in and it worked perfectly. TOO perfectly. I had to power off my Mini because I was unable to get back to my other logged in name. Are we working on a way where we can switch back and forth between users to make this more usable to those of us without 2 Macs laying around? IN Windows, you can click 'Windows+L" to switch users. Am I missing a key combo in Mac to do the same? Perhaps that would help? If this combo doesn't exist, maybe a script to create it?