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  1. (SrufaceOSX) @jacobbloy I tried at least three different bootable usb tools for windows, non of them worked and then I tried boot camp, wow, it worked! Most of the things worked except the following: 1) Followed Fix Bootloader in Reinstalling Windows part in JahStories's instruction, still cannot choose between windows and Macos WITHOUT osx usb drive; 2) Audio is not working, Mute is always checked and in gray; despite voodooHDA.kext showed up in the kext extension; 3) brightness bar was in the Display preference, but now it's gone. Thanks for any help!
  2. Glad that it did happened. Guess I will find some other software for a bootable usb drive. Thanks man!
  3. (surfaceOSX) OK, used Rufus to prepare a bootable USB driver; tested it on my old Win XP Dell laptop and I could boosted into it. I then went ahead to use the bootable Mac OSX to partition the whole SSD, successfully installed Mac OS... Then I inserted the bootable windows USB drive, pressed vol down + power, every time it booted into Mac OS, no windows installer appeared. What could be the reason? I did noticed that Rufus automatically changed FAT to NFAT and I used a 64GB USB drive.... Thanks for any help! This would be the my last step for a whole week's try...
  4. @JahStories Thanks for quick help! OK, now back to the root question, how do you guys download windows 8.1 ISO? Microsoft is such a pain now that even Surface owner cannot easily download a windows 8.1 ISO....
  5. JahStories, I guess the question really is how to get windows 8.1 Pro image? My initiate understanding is that Rufus should be able to find the ISO from the recovery partition on Surface, but since my Surface Pro 1 came with windows 8, it would be windows 8 anyway? Again, by using Rufus I couldn't find any ISO on surface. Thanks again for any help.
  6. (SurfaceOSX) OK, guess I have to format the whole SSD, install OSX and then windows in order to install clove to Mac OS partition. The problem now is how do I get a bootable windows on USB? I installed Rufus but couldn't find recovery ISO from the recovery partition; I then created a recovery bootable USB from surface, only found that the EFI was messed up by Mac OS and I cannot boot from it! I then tried to download a windows 8.1 ISO following this: http://www.eightforums.com/installation-setup/33164-how-download-windows-8-1-iso.html only found out that the product key I found out from my Surface is not good for this retail version... Any other way? Thanks!
  7. Yes, you need surface keyboard or any usb keyboard, but then you will need a usb hub to connect both your usb drive and keyboard. Currently Clove doesn't support touch screen. This is one of the things that are missing from the guide. The other is just pointed out by osxlander on post 911, that you need to press spacebar to go into boot options where you can find "boot without caches and with injected kext".
  8. Thanks again for your quick response! The problem for me is that when I tried to install Clove to mac os with your settings, it failed and no EFI partition will appear even if I use the EFI mounter. You did mentioned about the windows is using EFI partition, did that mean I need to reinstall windows 8.1? What I did is simply followed Pro 2 section to shrink windows partition without re-install it. Thanks!
  9. @Osxlander OK, here is the Jahstories's guide for pro 1: I have done all of them until install clove to the osx partition where I don't find too much detail. Could you add more details? many thanks! Type: OLD cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/NullCPUPowerManagement.kext /Volumes/“PENDRIVE”/System/Library/Extensions/ OLD cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext /Volumes/"*INSTALLED OSX PARTITION*"/System/Library/Extensions/ cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/GenericUSBXHCI.kext /Volumes/"*INSTALLED OSX PARTITION*"/System/Library/Extensions/ you can reboot now. Once rebooted: select the new installed partition and boot. If it doesn’t reach the desktop, try a safe boot (press spacebar after selecting the partition you want to boot with.) Then, after you completed the initial setup of osx install clover to the partition so you can boot without the pendrive, after the installation use kextdrop to install all the provided kexts drag the config.plist to efi and efi/clover/ folder and the dsdt.aml and ssdt.aml to efi/clover/acpi/patched
  10. @osxlander Many thanks! Will give it a try once hit home, BTW, from where you install Clove? I tried to install after I boot from the mac partition, but failed everytime. I couldn't mount EFI either with the EFI mounter. Thanks.
  11. No you don't. Just follow the Surface Pro 2 part, but not pro 1: I was able to just shrink the windows and create a 30GB partition for Mac OSX. B. Prepare a partition to install OSX 1. Start Windows 8.1 on your Surface Pro 2 2. Go to the desktop, right click on the "Start" button, and open Disk Management 3. Select the C:\ partition, right click, and go to "Shrink Volume" 4. Enter the new size for the volume and click OK 5. Afterwards, right click on the empty space and select format Format the new partition as NTFS 6. Shutdown the device C. Install OSX on the Surface Pro 2 1. Power up holding the volume down, with the USB stick installed 2. Clover will boot up, choose your USB stick and boot without caches and injected kext 3. Open Disk Utility once the installer has come up Locate the newly created NTFS partition and select "erase" Change the file system to HFS+ (MacOS Extended Journaled) Exit Disk Utility 4. Install OSX to your the New OSX Partition • When the Installation is finished. It counting down to restart. Glad that you made all this! I was able to install Mac OSX to my pro 1 last night finally, but currently trying to figure out how to install Clove to Mac partition so that it can auto boot in Clover without USB pen driver? Also, how do you adjust brightness in mac? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Just found on some Chinese website that I need to press vol + and power to disable it. It actually suggested that I should disable both? Now my Surface is stuck on blue screen after restart and pressing vol "-" and power button. Usually how long it takes to go into boot loader? Thanks.
  13. (Surfaceosx) OK, tried three days to install Mac OS to Surface Pro 1, without even getting into “Boot loader”. Guess I was missing something with bootable USB driver. Here is what I did, please help on trouble shooting. Much appreciated for any help! 1. Followed steps 1-6 from Mavericks Vanilla installation: Creating the installer
 1. Prepare your USB as GUID partition map with a HFS+ partition.
 2. Mount your Mavericks DMG (Right click on “Install OS X 10.9 Developer Preview” then its in /Contents/Shared Support/InstallESD.dmg)
 3. Mount BaseSystem.dmg by typing the following in terminal:
open /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.dmg
 4. Restore “OS X Base System” to your USB
 5. Navigate to /System/Installation your USB drive Delete the “Packages” link then copy the Packages folder from “OS X Install ESD” to this location.
 6. Use pacifist to extract mach_kernel from /OS X Install ESD/Packages/BaseSystemBinaries.pkg to the root of your USB drive. (Note: This is in the attachment). From here on I jumped to Surface Pro 2 section since it’s too simplified for me in the Pro 1 section “then install clover to the pen drive and copy the included kexts to: • *PENDRIVE*/system/library/extension/ *EFI PARTITION*/clover/kext/10.9/” So I downloaded both V 0.2 files and V 0.3 but followed Surface pro 2 section: 6. Install Clover to the pen drive (http://sourceforge.n.../cloverefiboot/)
• Select your USB Drive and the select “Custom Install”
 • Select “Install for UEFI booting only”
 • Select Themes
 • Select Drivers64UEFI
 6. When installation is finished , copy Config.plist from attached files in EFI/CLOVER/
 7. Copy dsdt.aml/ssdt-0.aml/ssdt-1.aml from attached files in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched
 8. Copy mach-kernel from attached files to your USB drive
 9. Copy the extensions from the attached files to System/Library/Extensions My problem here is that I was confused since I found that both EFI partition and EFI folder under “OS X Base System” contain Clover folder. So I ended up copied two .aml files to both places; also copied 5 kext files to both “system/library/Extension” and both 10.9 kext folders under EFI. I then prepared a partition as in Section B in Surface Pro 2 part: 1. Start Windows 8.1 on your Surface Pro 2 2. Go to the desktop, right click on the "Start" button, and open Disk Management 3. Select the C:\ partition, right click, and go to "Shrink Volume" 4. Enter the new size for the volume and click OK 5. Afterwards, right click on the empty space and select format Format the new partition as NTFS 6. Shutdown the device After that I was excited to plug in USB driver, press down Vol down and power button, but every time it went directly into surface Windows 8.1. I guess this will help anyone else like me with little OSx86 experience. Many thanks!