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  1. @ cccvisconti Got almost the exact Lenovo B570 setup with Atheros 9285 (no whitelist bios), got it running 10.10.5 with Chameleon and a few kexts but would rather do Clover. How about you share your <Solved> Clover boot pack. and save others (me) the trouble you went through? Thanks.
  2. I took home an old HP Compaq Nx2200 from work and I'm having a hell of a time trying to get Snow running on it (though I read a few posts where people had some success with this minitower). The problems are mostly because of the ATI SB400 chipset (and probably the Pentium 4 531 cpu. The CPU should work with a modded kernel (chocolate_kernel sort-of works) & 32bit mode, but it seems to crash randomly. After upgrading the video to an NVidia 8500GT (I don't think the onboard ATI X200 would ever work) I actually had it booting to the desktop with CI/QE and sound (VoodooHDA) but was running off a USB HDD (seems like USB 1.0 speed) but it would not recognize the internal ATA HDD. I reinstalled iPortable Snow on the USB HDD and some AppleATIATA kext I found and the internal ATA bus was recognized (but as SATA) so I went to clone the USB hdd to the internal HDD but when I go to boot from internal it gives the "Still waiting for root device". It's totally maddening trying to get Snow Leo up on a motherboard that's this old and a chipset not even close to anything Apple has used. I don't really need yet another Hackintosh (I just like the challenge of it) but I'm almost ready to give up on this one!!! I might try Leo or even Tiger both of which ran well on older / non intel chipset ASRock board I had (775DualVSTA / Via chipset I think it was). Here are things I recommend for getting your older / out-of-spec hardware running: 1. Download and try to boot "iPortable Snow" (there is a Leopard version too) onto a USB drive (must be 8GB or larger). These distros have minimum kexts loaded and problematic kexts removed (like video excelleration and sound). If it runs well with these most basic installs then it might be worth the trouble. 2. Try an older version of OS X like 10.5.x or 10.4.x there were a bunch of custom installer distros with added support for all kinds of weird hardware. I recommend the "xXx" ones because they were like archival releases that included TONs of drivers. 3. Loose that old ATI RADEON, It will never work with Quartz Extreme / Core Image because Apple's Radeon drivers are PowerPC only! It will only work as a non-eccellerated VESA video. 4. Time is money. Don't waste your life trying to get it working (unless you find it phun/enjoyable). I've wasted 100s of hours trying to get OSX running on non-standard chipsets (by that I mean non-Intel because Apple has only ever used Intel chips on it's motherboards). In the end best hackintosh experience you can get will be from a motherboard that has an intel chipset that Apple has used. I've found that most Intel 945 or 965 based motherboards are fairly easy to get up and running on and are very affordable on eBay at this point. Sell your old mobo and put the money towards getting one of these old mobos instead.
  3. Hello All, I'm looking to pick up a decent used Dual Core laptop to replace my MSI Wind U100 "BackBook Nano" (my son cracked the screen). The Wind was nice and light/small and fairly compatible (I had some sleep issues but that's about it), but a bit under powered (Atom/GMA 950) and the 1024x600 screen was a little anoying. So now I'm looking at used Core Duos/Core 2 Duos on eBay going for about $250 to $300 USD (even seen a few MacBooks in this price range). I hope to get something small & light weight with a 12 to 15 inch screen with GMAx3100 or better GPU (but would still consider a GMA950). Can anyone recomend a good compatible model that sleeps/wakes properly? I'm OK with swaping out the Wifi mini PCIe or using a USB Wifi dongle. My main requirements are decent CPU (better then single core 1.6Ghz Intel Atom), QE/CI, and working sleep/power managemet that can run Leopard or Snow ok (32bit or 64bit OK) I'm looking at HP 8910p, NC6400, Lenovo x60t X61t tablets, t60 t61 and a few others that have Intel 965 express (x3100) chipsets, and a few that have Intel 945 (GMA950) chipsets. I've looked around & checkede the wiki but the info is scattered and there's not a lot of info on some of these "buisness" models or tablets & UMPCs. Thanks in Advance -=D=-
  4. DaFrigN

    HP NC6400

    What about Sleep /PowerManager issues? Does it sleep/wake OK? Battery monitor / Energy saver settings work OK? Fans / speedstep etc. I need to build a new hackbook abd this was one of the models I was looking at. Thanks
  5. I'm interested in this pad, please tell us more about running OSX on this thing! Like what works out of the box? Wifi? Bluetooth? Sound? is it GMA950 QE/CI? I think if this cool tablet catches on more people will work on getting it fully Hackintosh compatible! I was not happy when Apples 1st tablet did not run OSX!
  6. DaFrigN

    WTB Hackintosh Case sticker/label

    This dude has some on Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.com/pmproductions
  7. Thank You very much Rafirafi! I did install Snow Leo on a spare drive and it installed and ran OK, but no SATA drive. I never really bothered to look for a fix (until now). Actually, I'm having stability issues on 10.5.8 with the AppleVIA (stevo) based SATA, was thinking of downgrading back to 10.5.6 'cause it was pretty solid for me back then.
  8. I'm planning on trying to get Snow Leo up and running on my 4CoreDual-SATA2Rev2 soon...I'll try my progress all logged here.
  9. DaFrigN

    ASRock 4CoreDual & nVidia

    Got it all fixed it up now, woot! Used iDeneb.Tool.v10.5.8.mpkg and selected the NVidia strings option only. I also removed CoreVidia and NVEnabler (neither did the trick) and installed "Netkas_Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg". I'm not sure which did the trick but I don't really care 'casue I got QE/CI support back! Oh, and I had also lost ALC888 support (which was working 100% on 10.5.6), but I installed VoodooHDA which is a little rough still but it works. You MUST remove others HDAs (AppleHDA, ALCinject, Azalia) or you might get a KP! Also, install VoodooHDA PrefPanel and put the VoodooHDA helper cli-app in ~/Lib/Audio/ in order to retain level settings across boots. All good 100% on my 4CoreDualVSTA-SATA2 (Rev.1, but I think it's mostly the same board as Rev.2): Sleep/Restart/Shutdown works with VoodooKernel Alpha3 from June'09 (9.7 based from 10.5.7) as it wouldn't sleep with any of the 9.8 kernels available (I tried Vanilla, AnV, and Qoopz 9.8 v2). Sound works with VoodooHDA (0.2.2, will try 0.2.4 from ProjectOSX later 'cause worked slightly better on my ASRock 775i945GZ) ASUS 7300GT Silent PCIe works with iDeneb.Tool.v10.5.8.mpkg NVidia IDs & Netkas_Enabler. My path to 10.5.8 was Kalyway 10.5.2 w/TheStevo's patch, a bunch of updates to 10.5.6 (can't remember, may have been Software Update with re-patching after), and finally 10.5.8 from Software Update, then patched as above.
  10. DaFrigN

    ASRock 4CoreDual & nVidia

    I guess you never read the thread where I had one of those MSI Geforce 7300GS 256MB cards and could not get it to work with my ASRock 4CoreDualVSTA Mobo. Card worked fine in WindozeXP with MSI's drivers, but I tried everything out there for OSx86 (NVinject, Manually adding DeviceIDs, EFI strings, etc.) and I never did get it to work! I gave up and bought a ASUS 7300GT Silent instead and it worked instantly! Everything worked great running 10.5.6 for the past year or so until I decided to update to 10.5.8/Chameleon2RC3! Now I've lost QE/CI support! I don't understand 'cause EFI NVidia OpenGL... or NVInject 0.2.1 (tried both) show for the driver in System Profiler! It's driving me nuts all over again! I really want Chameleon/EFI booting! Good luck.
  11. Sorry all, I kind of abandoned this thread after getting my 4CoreDual-SATA2 running well (10.5.6), selfish I know. I also got an MSI Wind and have been tweaking OSX on that, and keeping the ASRock as my stable workhorse. I believe I used all update packs after Kalyway 10.5.2. I bought an ASUS NVidia 7300 and used the latest NVInject to get fully accelerated video and just used theStevo's KEXT packs and ALC888 (older 6 port version) after each update. It's been running great since with working Sleep, USB, etc... But I'm thinking of updating soon. Going to 10.5.8 and I might even try snow leopard on another drive.
  12. DaFrigN

    theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Never mind I found it: sudo kextload -b com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass and make applescript to run this at boot .... Also, colud be mismatched kernel/system.kext usb fix 1.3.mpkg from USB Problems thread would solve that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. =-D=-
  13. DaFrigN

    theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    lingon right that can control/configure the launchd process. I've used it to auto relaunch my BT client when it crashes. Can you give me a link to the relevant topic on this board? Thanks, =-D=-
  14. DaFrigN

    theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Hey stevo Can you give me a link to Superhai's USBGenPC? I've googled around but only come up with your post about it. Is it the same as PCGenUSBFix on some installers? My USB is working, it's just the Mass Storage Driver that has this one annoying flaw. Fortunately it reboots fast enough that I can live with it. Yes, I would be happy to give more info / feedback. I just need to get a copy of Leo Dev Tools so I can have IORegistryExplorer. I have Tiger's IORegExpl here at work, but It may not run on Leo without Dev stuff, as some of the other Dev Tools won't function without proper Dev install. I'm using 2 PATA HDDs right now, but I will be using SATA very soon, I have a PATA to SATA Adapter on the way, and I plan to get a big fat SATA drive real soon. FYI to all: I was finally able to get a working install of 10.4.11 using the archival XxX rev2 disc and selected the right patches (there are so many!!!) 10.4.11 functions much better then 10.5.2 for my hardware. I fixed the WiFi as per the Wiki, and now no drop outs with my Belkin/Broadcom 4320 PCI card!!! Just have some sleep issues in 10.4... probably just need to pick a different kernel. Sorry It took so long to respond... RL & getting CoD2 and Prey installed (had to test these extensively!)... you know 10.4,11, 10.5.2, XPproSP2.... Tri-booting Rocks! Peace -=D=-
  15. DaFrigN

    theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    I have WiFi network drop problem similar to what others are saying for ethernet, and I think it may be related! I have a Belkin 54G WiFi PCI card in my ASRock that has always worked fine in 10.2 and up on my G4 towers (Broadcom 4306 chipset, shows as Airport card). Now it's in my Hackintosh and I get network drops, usually (but not always) when I'm moving large files. Also, it shows as 3rd party adapter in System Profiler instead of Airport (difference in intel version of driver?). It may be related to Ethernet because when this card is in my 'real' Macs it disables the built-in Ethernet (I never understood why though, they should both be usable simultaneously). I will try adjusting the ethernet settings and see if that helps. Also, I plan to test the VIA ethernet port soon. -=D=-