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  1. RAM in Mac Mini

    i'm not exactly sure on the max ram....i have a mac mini and i upgraded it to 2gb....it really doesn't matter to much what kind of ram you put in it. My brother has one and we put dell ram in it at one point and whatever HP puts in there laptops. as long as you get laptop ram you should be ok.
  2. I've bought a Mac

    Well after playing around with OS X86 for a while since 10.4.5 all the way to Leopard I've finally bought my first real mac. I bought a Mac Mini the other day. Granted it's not the best Mac out there but I have a limited budget. This is my first Mac and who know's maybe this will be the first of many.
  3. My Success

    Nope...Can you hear the disk spinning around in your drive? One more thing....Is your hd IDE or SATA.....I have an IDE drive set as master and sata drive in port 4 for spare space for ubuntu/vista/and mac. It could be if your using sata that it can't find or read your disk. Someone else on this forum was having the same issue with this board. IDE is the way to go on this board.
  4. Dell XPS 420 Help?

    did you check your paperwork from dell?
  5. Triple Boot Leopard / XP / Ubuntu

    install vista first, then mac, then ubuntu.....if vista gets a little messed up cause it can't find a file like the ntdlr or some system32 file just do a repair.....this might happen after the mac os install.....then after you install ubuntu just edit the menu.lst file. which is in /boot/grub/. I usually do sudo /boot/grub/menu.lst then scroll down to the bottom....by default it will automatically write in Windows, so just copy it all and just change it to fit your mac partition.....sorry don't have screen shots to show.
  6. How to repair permissions after f8 start

    what do you mean F8?....did you put flags in there or something?
  7. KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    started the install but it just stopped doing anything when it reached "about 6 minutes" during the install.....i'm trying again now
  8. Stuck in "Preparing To Erase" Screen

    it could....did you try to change SATA to IDE for you SATA drive in BIOS?
  9. Complete freeze after random time

    EFI is what's causing the problem....I did a fress install the other day and did not do EFI and everything runs smoothly. No more random freezing.
  10. Complete freeze after random time

    I've been having the same issue. It just stops working.
  11. How to install Leopard on External Drive

    i've been able to do it. I used the ToH Leopard dvd. Since this release has issues with booting up I installed Tiger on my externel drive first. Then after that I installed Leopard on it. All you have to do it make sure that your drive is connected and that when you go to the Diskutility that your externel drive shows up. After the install if you want to boot into it just press F12 and select USB Device. On my setup I have Ubuntu 7.10 and Windows setup on the internel drive. I use Grub to select between them. I was able to put OS X on the grub loader manually but if I select it it boots into sometimes. There's is a delay on USB support when you first boot up.
  12. ToH dual layer leopard

    Which Tiger cd did you use? Jas, Uphuck, Tubgirl..... I had the same problem the first time i installed it fresh. I had to "upgrade" from my uphuck 10.4.9 and after that I was able to boot up. Unfortunatly ToH's Leopard doesn't so much like my laptop to much so i'm back to running 10.4.9.
  13. [HELP] Where the OSX partition should be placed?

    if it's not remounting after the partitioning in disk utility try to open up terminal and do: > diskutil list This should give you a list of partitions on the drive. >diskutil mount /dev/partition Where I said partition just write what the output says for the partition you want to install OSX on. Hopefully that makes sense.....I'm not at home right now so I can't give you screenshots. If you can't get it when I get home I'll try to post screen shots for you.
  14. sucessful 10.4.8, but no internet or sound?

    what hardware do you have? make, model....
  15. Weird Problem

    I have the AMD version of Leopard installed on my desktop (see sig to see specs). I don't know if it's been talked about before or not but Leopard keeps freezing up on me after a few minutes of uptime. The thing is, is that it sometimes does it but more so then not. Any ideas?