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  1. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Great! I knew it! But I'm not familiar in dsdt editing. I will try when I'm back to my hack. Need for SSDT drop or not?
  2. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    good: extracted dsdt patched with Inspiron 15R N5110.txt+ your hdef patch, from the old guide. bad: the latest which you uploaded to the new guide. I also don't worry about the benchmark, it was only additional info for the Mhz issue. (Anyway, only for fun: same hw and benchmark, Win7: ~5000pts / OSX: ~5500pts and the cpu can't run at full speed. Benchmark trolling ended! ) Maybe some problem with p-state detecting/setting?
  3. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Hi Mohamed, I have used your earlier patch for my dsdt (and install method), and it works (almost) like a charm. With the newest dsdt I have no backlight after boot and start an endless "sleep-wake up" cycle. But my nb has only the HD3000 graphics, maybe it is the problem? And another minor issue: the peak CPU freq. is 2673Mhz when I stress the system. But the i5-2410M max turbo boost freq is 2.9Ghz. Under Win7, it works at 2.9 when need it. Geekbench(32bit test, under OSX) also shows ~5500 points against the ~6000pts readable on the Geekbench's website at the same CPU (ok that is 2415M, but only the GPU speed is the difference according to Intel specs.). What is the problem?