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  1. I solved it by myself. For all others, who have problems with this on Acer 3830TG, 4830TG or 5830TG here is an solution: It seems that the _Qxx sections from the dsdt.aml were just skipped, so I had to use an device-section, which will not be skipped. I tried different device-methods. Keyboard and mice work, but BT wasn't found anymore after sleep. LID0 device works also, but I think that this device-method will be called very often, so I decided for the battery device, as I hope, that the name of my battery wouldn't be called so many times and BT woke up after sleep Device (BAT0) { ... If (LEqual (Local1, One)) { // Enable Bluetooth device on boot Store (Zero, BTPD) Store ("SANYO ", Index (PBIF, 0x0C)) } ...
  2. Hello, i try to enable bluetooth for my Acer 4830TG by default on startup, as it is disabled and FN-Keys for this won't work. I think I found the position in my dsdt-file, but it will not activate, if I change the values. If I start Windows before and then restart into Lion 10.7.3 it is activated and work with an simple edit in the IOBluetoothFamily.kext. So the Bluetooth-Adapter is accepted, but only disabled. I hope, that someone here can help me out, what I'm doing wrong. I even tried with the _WAK and _PTS, but it won't start after sleep also. Could not attach the dsdt-file (Internal error 500?), so i attached it some code with some comments of the change I thought it work. Hope you could help me out with this... Method (_Q60, 0, NotSerialized) { If (WLEX) { Store (WLAT, LANE) } If (BTEX) { Store (Not (BTAT), BTPD) } /* Did not work: Store (BTAT, BTPD) or Store (One, BTPD) */ If (EX3G) { Store (AT3G, WANE) } } Edit: Ok, I figured out, that the _Q-Methods seemed to be for the Fn-Keys ... But it didn't work either. For testing purposes I disabled WLAN in _WAK / _PTS, but it seems to ignore my settings (after wakeup from sleep WLAN is up and Inet works). Could it be, that I missed something out to make changes work in my DSDT? Settings for _DSM in UHC0-x take effect, but others doesn't